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Local aircraft operators - in fully process of informatics restructuring

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In the previous years, the entire business landscape has been marked by an unprecedented openness to technology and innovation in the IT field. With legislation of informational society at European level, Romanian aviation industry has imposed a highly permeable area in the assimilation of new tools.

"Today, at national level, all operational standards and European navigation have been implemented. This makes the operation of advanced IT systems a necessity of prime importance for the aviation industry in Romania. Air carriers, be they of public or private use, today, the computerization of work flows, as a means of restructuring and increasing the efficiency of their work. SIVECO Romania understands very well the imperatives of modernization of the airline and, therefore, has set up individualized software for this industry," is the opinion of Ciprian Şandru, Cluster Manager Transport & Media, in SIVECO Romania.

Currently, the Romanian IT market is able to provide beneficiaries of the aero industry a wide range of software tools support. Romanian commercial aviation, in full "up-grade" of its information infrastructure, can access, for example, integrated IT systems, which make efficient in absolute numbers, the basic activities of the main domestic operators.

"The air companies must ensure their passengers not only guarantee a safe flight and absolute security, but also improved service to European standards of quality. To achieve this desiderate, SIVECO Australia aims to support the development strategy of aircraft operators in order to improve service quality, road safety and security of air carriers. From this point of view, CARPATAIR Timişoara, today one of the largest operators of private air traffic in Romania and Eastern Europe is a model of successful restructuring in the aviation field. Following the implementation of the integrated SIVECO Applications, developed by SIVECO Romania, Timişoara CARPATAIR benefits from a superior management of all resources", add Ciprian Şandru.

Accessing information systems, of ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) type, is what marks the passage of air companies into a new stage of its development. Given the available facilities offered by these instruments, air traffic gains the efficiency of flights simplify internal procedures and monitor operated routes. In addition, based on the results generated by the integrated information systems, they visibly improve their activity of control and decision-making, being able to accurately anticipate the long-term evolution of this industry.