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Long-term partnership between AMANO and SIVECO Romania

Monday, February 10, 2003

Bucharest, 10th of February 2003 - In the spring of 2002, AMANO started to search for professional information service providers in East and South-East Europe, in order to select collaborators for outsourcing projects. After market researches, Romania was chosen to provide such services.

"The selection of our company is based on the extended skills and the numerous references we have in the field of design-oriented services - object-oriented analysis (OAA), data shaping, object-oriented programming (OOP), especially in C++ and Java, web programming, procedural and non-procedural programming in various programming languages, object-oriented programming, data-oriented design, users interface design, relational and non-relational databases, designing and developing n-tier applications, using Oracle instruments, including SQL programming, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms", declared Mrs. Irina SOCOL, General Manager at SIVECO Romania. "We want to be seen on the external market more as a partner for implementing key turn projects and less as an outsourcing service provider - and in this respect our collaboration with AMANO represents a very persuasive example".  

The collaboration between SIVECO Romania and AMANO started in august 2002, when they signed a contract according to which specialists in SIVECO Romania were asked to develop specific solutions for AMANO field of activity. 

"Following our excellent collaboration in 2002, AMANO decided to continue it in 2003, so that the client-provider relationship became, by our participation in different common projects, a real partnership", declares Mr. Bert Peirsman, General Manager at AMANO Belgium.

AMANO is an international company with the headquarters in Japan and with subsidiaries on all continents. Since 1931, when it introduced the first check register type device, AMANO has acquired a global reputation of leader in the technologic field, while starting with the half of the ?70s, it imposed itself as a leader in producing parking devices. In 1967, AMANO developed the first parking tickets distributor and two years later a completely automatic system for parking control - an entirely computerized system. 

"SIVECO Romania hopes that this is just the first step on the way of gaining its position as high-quality information service providers on the Japanese  market - and our recent participation in the National exhibition at Tokyo, organized with the support of  JETRO and the Romanian Embassy in Japan, showed that there is much interest from our potential Japanese clients", declared  Ioana Pană, Business Alliance Manager at SIVECO Romania.