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How to optimize your business costs with IT support

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

With the Maintenance Management information system you can optimize processes and reduce maintenance related costs

Does equipment repairing and maintenance require a significant amount of your resources and money? If so, SIVECO Romania suggests the integrated IT system for Maintenance Management, a solution confirmed by the market for its performances.

The system provides support to maintenance specialists to optimize activity planning, optimizing consumption, reducing the number and severity of accidental down-time and cost reduction. Maintenance Management software solution is directed not only to costs but also to the technical side of maintenance, being a tool dedicated to engineers, technicians and other maintenance artisans.

“If you want, with the same amount of money, to do more maintenance than you do right now or to do the same amount of maintenance with less money, if you’re tired of systematic causes, if accidental repairs exceed in number and value the other works, if using of resources doesn’t pleas you, then the company needs an integrated maintenance IT solution. Whether we like it, or not, maintenance needs as much as the other areas of the company computers and high end integrated software”, said Sorin Dimofte, Sales and IT Consultancy Director in SIVECO Romania.

Practically, the system is set to be an IT support for maintenance specialists so that they can obtain, through proper maintenance planning, the usage of fixed assets in endowment at the set parameters, under safety conditions, throughout their life cycle, without high costs.

In other words, to assure that scheme, that will provide the maximum availability of the fixed assets for production or services, yet without spending exaggerated financial resources. The system allows the company to organize maintenance according to strategy and the desired organizational scheme; it doesn’t impose a certain maintenance method, but it offers support for the most important methods encountered: preventive/predictive/proactive/reactive maintenance. In addition, the system allows managing the current maintenance, during the period between two repairs; it is known that proper maintenance leads to a reduction to the upcoming repair bill.

Through all the provided functionalities, the system helps in creating conditions for the maintenance to not only consume resources, but also to become an essential process for carrying out the company’s products and services and to reach better relations with its own customers.

Maintenance Management is a component of Integrated IT System SIVECO Applications 2020 and it integrates natively with all the other components. It can function also outside of this system, either as stand alone, or being integrated in any other information solution.