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Major IT developers advocate for the application of the principles of eco-IT technologies

Thursday, July 24, 2008

In recent years, the "Green IT" policies get more and more recognition, enjoying the support of many advocates, both in the business area, as well as in the public sector. Focusing on an ecological approach regarding the environment, this concept means consciousness responsibility of organizations for creating non-aggressive IT solutions in relation to natural environment factors.

Major players in the software industry are increasingly concerned with preserving the health and quality of the natural environment. To do this, IT developers focus on the creation of secure and non-invasive products and services. Also the IT solutions’ users, who are more mature in their business decisions than in the past few years, support those products which comply with the best environmental principles, in the spirit of protecting the unaltered properties of the environment.

In their efforts to assimilate ecological IT resources, Romanian organizations benefit from qualified support and expertise of large IT developers. At the present, the entire business sector has access to information, as well as the necessary instruments to synchronize with the policies of environment protection.

As a result of the intense concerns regarding the conservation of a healthy environment, specialists from SIVECO Romania are genuine promoters of the principles of "Green Economy", developing ecological IT solutions. Either waste management, management of documents, or transport management, the products developed by SIVECO Romania encourage a rational use of resources - paper, fuel, energy etc. with positive effects on the companies’ productivity. SIVECO Romania is proactively involved in improving the Romanian economy by developing innovative products and services. The company also promotes the good practice principles regarding the protecting and preserving of the environment.