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Major national eLearning project in Azerbaijan

Monday, July 6, 2009

Students and teachers have now access to a modern educational platform.

Bucharest, 26th of June 2009 - Having an extensive know-how in running major educational projects, SIVECO Romania in partnership with ULTRA Computers is developing in Azerbaijan, an extensive program for the implementation of the first integrated eLearning solution.

The main beneficiaries of this modernization project are both students and teachers from the pre-university educational system in Azerbaijan as well as the representatives of the local and national administration. The first phase of the project was successfully completed. The results were presented in a press conference, held recently in Baku.

This major project includes several components. For a modern management of the schools' resources it was implemented AeL ASM. It is a useful solution that centralizes the information in every school offering support for the local decision makers.

Students and teachers have now access to modern educational resources: the AeL eLearning platform and AeL interactive lessons in Azeri and Russian. The AeL lessons help students to learn by the means of experiments, simulations, animations, practical exercises and applications, while the AeL platform allows teachers to get involved in the development of educational content. Thus, they can create interactive lessons that better match their personal teaching style.

The National Education Database (NED) is a complete solution for managing the educational system that supports the processes of decision making, evaluation, planning and forecasting at national level. NED will generate statistical and analytical reports on the school network, students and teachers from the pre-university education system. These results will be presented in real time by the School Map, a modern application that will provide relevant, accurate and updated information for the general public and the policy makers from Azerbaijan.

The development and implementation of alternative solutions to the classical educational system, aims at raising new generations of young people that are capable to cope with the challenges of the information society.

SIVECO Romania is a renowned name both nationally and internationally in the eLearning and IT&C domain. The company is an important know-how provider and its solutions and products received numerous prestigious awards. Due to the extensive expertise acquired during the implementation of many important projects, the company directly contributed to the creation and progress of the information society.