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Make the complicated waste problem into an easy one!

Friday, August 28, 2015

The economic operators generating waste have a simple tool to manage their activity

The operations that have to be developed after the waste occurrence can be simplified when the operator generating waste chooses to use a waste management information system.

SIVECO Romania makes available to the companies obliged to keep record on waste the Waste Management Component, from the integrated information system SIVECO Applications 2020.

The activities the application is designed for are waste production, waste collection, storage and movement to specific locations, the waste transport, treatment and disposal through cremation centers, elaborating the reporting situations to the environment responsible authorities: National Authority for Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection Agencies, and Ministry of Environment.

”The solution allows for centralizing the information referring to licensing the organizations developing activities of collection, transport, sale and/or waste disposal, as well as to the distribution of this organizations in the territory. The managers get correct data referring to waste generation and management and can evaluate the current situation and set their objectives to accomplish. The legislative changes and amendments regarding the waste management are continuously updated”, has declared Ștefăniță Ghiță, Deputy Manager within SIVECO Applications department.

The solution generates waste reference directories depending on their type (municipal, industrial, hazardous, non-hazardous), per waste categories and types of operators.

As regards waste collection, one has to take into account the product’s sorting, analysis bulletin, waste collection, its treatment in view of rendering it profitable/sale or disposal, waste transportation and storage.

”The economic operators will know precisely the quantity of waste existing in stock and the high time for its disposal, will save time as a result of the accuracy and easiness in operation of the system database, will reduce management errors and will avoid returning waste and reimbursing associated costs. All these advantages will improve the company’s activity through increasing efficiency of waste management according to the legal norms in force”, has added Ștefăniță Ghiță.