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SIVECO will Implement the Most Important National Educational Project in Malta

Monday, October 7, 2013
All the schools will receive 1,400 digital interactive multimedia lessons in a eLearning project funded by the European Union

SIVECO Romania started implementing the most important eLearning national project in Malta, a member of the European Union.

For the Ministry of Education of Malta, the company will develop and provide digital educational content, a customized training program for 800 teachers and a `content authoring tool` which allows teachers to create their own lessons, tailored to their own way of teaching and students’ needs.

The national eLearning project developed by SIVECO in Malta will cover the first two years of study in secondary education (Form 1 and 2), to be expanded in the future to the entire cycle of secondary education (Form 3, 4 and 5), then to the vocational education. The project implementation period is 18 months.

"Malta is a country where educational reform, throught the update of education at all levels, started by radically changing the national program, while being among the best European countries in terms of efficiency and use of eGovernment solutions already implemented and operational at all levels of public administration. We are glad to have won another complex national project, far-reaching, where we can replicate our unique global expertise gained in eLearning projects carried out in over 26 countries and to become a medium and long term strategic partner for the Ministry of Education of Malta. It is a very important project because of the characteristic features of Malta, a country - island in the Mediterranean Sea with a history of over 8000 years that was subjected to varying influences of dominant cultures like Arabic , Italian, French and, until recently, English", declared Iulian Manea, Regional Director, International Sales Department within SIVECO Romania.

In 2010, SIVECO started the first eLearning project for a European Union country. It consisted in the delivery to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus of an integrated platform for learning and collaboration, consisting of a suite of educational management and collaboration aplications, built and fully integrated with the latest technology.

Within the project it was designed and implemented educational digital content for 13 subjects in Cypriot schools. 130,000 students, 150,000 parents, 20,000 teachers and 20 administrators in 700 schools benefit of integrated eLearning platform for secondary education in Cyprus.

The project in Cyprus is an example of "best practices". It adds value toother major educational projects developed by SIVECO Romania in countries, on four continents.