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SIVECO Romania launches a new national project with the Ministry of Education in Malta

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
SIVECO Romania will provide interactive educational content for the primary education system in Malta, one of the most competitive education systems in Europe

SIVECO Romania recently signed a contract with the Ministry of Education in Malta to provide interactive digital content adjusted to requirements of the Maltese Primary School Curriculum until July 2014. All primary , either private, public or Catholic schools will benefit from, for four out of the six years of study corresponding to the primary education system. The solution includes 100% customized content, adjusted to the Maltese national curricula by SIVECO Romania, as well as readymade content, delivered by the British company Planet Sherston.

SIVECO Romania is the leader of Romanian software houses and one of the most successful software integrators in Central and Eastern Europe, while Planet Sherston is in the top of educational content providers for primary education in England, having a portfolio of over 18,000 schools.

Subsequent to a public tender, the Ministry of Education awarded the contract to the consortium formed of the two provider companies, whereas SIVECO is the leader of the consortium. Recently, the two partner teams have participated in the education fair "EMBED 2013: Celebrating best use of ICT in education in the Maltese Islands", which focuses on how technology may enhance learning.

The event, held in the period 20 to 27 November, attracted visitors of all ages. At the SIVECO Romania stand, teachers and pupils could appreciate and test the products dedicated to them. The children’s enthusiastic reaction proved that, closely adjusted to the educational purpose, technologies such as Augmented Reality, multi-touch, interactive digital manuals, improve collaboration among pupils and teachers. This experience motivates them to learn and experiment, thus making the move from memory–based learning to the one based on discovery and knowledge building.

Visitors could study also the interactive lessons dedicated to the secondary education, already delivered by SIVECO within the course project.

"We are happy we won a new complex, national scale project in Malta where we are already implementing a major project, for secondary education. We have thus become a strategic partner, on medium and long term, for the Ministry of Education in Malta. The particularity of this new project is given precisely by the target group it is dedicated to: pupils and teaching staff from primary education; in this project SIVECO has joined forces with one the most prestigious companies in the field in Great Britain, thus providing the winning solution. The project’s scientific and pedagogic approach blends the modern vision of the European Union, specific to 21 century, with the traditional elements of the education of Anglo-Saxon origin, an educational model registering outstanding results for ages. Malta represents and advanced vector in education not just in Europe and they adopted a unique reference model of the national curriculum, mixing the European Union vision with the one representing the Commonwealth area", says Iulian Manea, Regional Manager, International Sales Department within SIVECO Romania.

The interactive digital lessons that SIVECO will develop for the Maltese school in the primary education cycle embed the results of the most advanced scientific studies and research in the field and bring to reality innovative concepts in education.

The project is funded from European Funds and will cover one year of implementation period. The new contract comes as a continuation of the project already running, which addresses to the secondary education; in the latter project develops and provided to the Ministry of Education in Malta customized digital educational content for the first two study years of the secondary education cycle (Form 1 and 2). Apart from interactive lessons for pupils, comes a training program for 800 teachers and an instrument of instrument de tip „content authoring tool” type, which allows the teachers to create their own lessons, adjusted to the teaching plan, and the pupils’ requirements as well.