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Management decisions need assembled information, Available in real-time, easy to read and use

Monday, August 30, 2004

Bucharest, August 30, 2004 – in order to deal with competition, the movements on the market and the changes in how people do business, organizations deploy more complex and diverse operations.

The management’s decisions are part of complicated strategies, with repercussions for the entire organization, on medium and long terms – they require Unitarian information, easy to read and use.

The best answer for such a problem is implementing an integrated information system, such as SIVECO Applications, fully developed during the last 10 years, in Romania.  Its components ensure monitoring, planning and evaluation for each business process of an organization, regardless the industry.

The Cash-Flow Management Component addresses a problem that requires constantly managers’ attention: the money.  The solution is an instrument for managing the cash-flows”, said Aurora Crusti, Director for SIVECO Applications Department.

Its effects over the cash-flows operations result in management analysis, forecasts, which help in managing cash-ins and cash-outs.

By knowing the cash-flow status, at any moment, managers can co-ordinate payments and cash-ins, so they can be executed in and from certain sources, at a certain moment.

This way, the management has a better control over the financial revenues, determined by smaller commissions and better-managed interest

For an organization, the Cash-Flow Management Component has a vital importance, and the advantages are:

  • Presenting the analyzed data in a sheet or graphic form, having the possibility to stress on the short, medium and long terms;
  • Monitoring, at any given moment, the indexes and forecasted evolution of the indexes analyzed during the period established by the user;
  • Security of the analyzed financial data.

This way, the system guarantees time saving and speed in taking managerial decisions related to cash-flow analysis.

“The data capitalization is ensured by using the analysis instrument SIVECO Business Analyzer.  Depending on the requirements, the reports show the evolutions and forecasts for payments and cash-ins, the comparative analysis between forecast and achieved for the cash-flow.  The dynamic analysis can be issued for a certain period, globally or in detail. The TOP/BOTTOM analysis relate to the most important activities (for example, analyzing the biggest payments for a certain period)”, said Ms. Crusti.

Together with the rest of the components of the integrated product SIVECO Applications, the Cash-Flow Management Component contributes to streamline and control the processes in the organization, handling the management reliable analysis instruments, in real-time.