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MEC and SIVECO Romania at Cluj

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Cluj - Minister Ecaterina Andronescu, State Secretary Constantin Corega, Advisor Dinu Gheorghe, Deputy General Director at the General Administration for Undergraduate Education, Traian Ionescu, Director of the Computerization, Public Relations, Administration and Personnel Department attended this event, organized for the general and coordinating inspectors for informatics in the Local and Bucharest School Inspectorates.

During the two-days presentations and discussions, subjects such as: the calendar (for June-September) for computerization projects in the undergraduate education, the stage of the computerization program for the Romanian schools (SEI) started in 2001 and the involvement of school inspectorates in the program, have also been on the event's agenda. 

The presentations referred to the present stage of the projects to come, the projects to be developed on short, medium and long term, as well as debates concerning possible problems or risks and the way of dealing with them.

Ministry Ecaterina Andronescu declared, during the event's opening session: "The information technology provides, above all, new information and learning resources by the environments for storing the information; it also provides communication methods by which intercultural exchange take place, flexible teaching tools, which increase the chance to equal access to education - thus changing considerably the dynamics of learning process for anybody and at any age."

The section for the informatics inspectors included the Ministry's presentation concerning the computerization of the undergraduate Romanian education and SEI program; it also included a presentation of computerized labs  installation stage and of AEL implementation strategy.  

On this occasion there has been presented the latest AEL 3.2 version developed by SIVECO Romania and launched in March this year, and AEL 3.3 version novelties, which is about to be launched. There have been discussed as well a series of educational materials, accompanied by demonstrations explaining how to use such tools within the training process. The most efficient training methods and teachers training calendar in using AEL in the didactical process, the SEI development and maintenance opportunities and synthesis elements concerning the inspectorates' involvement in SEI, were also on the event's agenda. 

From the series of projects included in SEI, the Ministry presented the educational portal, a meeting point on the Internet between the Ministry of Education and the public opinion concerning the Romanian undergraduate educational system.

About SEI

Computerized Educational System was initiated by the group for Promoting the Information Technology in spring 2001.

In the first program stage, there have been installed computerized labs, based on latest technologies, provided by HP, IBM, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and SIVECO Romania in 120 schools and high-schools in all important Romanian cities.

For the moment such labs are installed in 1220 high schools all over the country, a process that will continue in over 6000 schools in Romania.

SEI program for the educational system reform supports all the reform objectives, being in accordance with the e-Europe strategy established by the European Community. It is as well integrated in the European e-Learning initiative.

SEI program is a complex one, and involves many human and material resources.

SEI strategic stages are compatible with those of the educational process. The technical action directions within SEI include five sub-projects, all of them very important and simultaneously implemented:

  • The hardware and communication infrastructure provides schools with computers, which are connected to Internet, so that every student and teacher can have access to a work session on a latest technology computer. Every student or teacher will have Internet access, so that they can they can be informed any moment about the novelties in any field.  The Internet must be one of the most important information means and the communication environment between schools and the Ministry (which will allow the Ministry to monitor schools' activity at national level, centralized archive management, automated distribution and manuals update) and also between schools (e-mail, electronic conferences etc). 
  • Software infrastructure is provided by AEL integrated information system (educational and management software.) AEL is an integrated system assisting the teachers, students and other persons involved in the educational process. AEL system was chosen by MEC as a platform for the educational content developed within SEI, but it is a product whose functions are useful to any educational form: graduate level or employees professional training.

AEL system is based on modern educational methods. First of all, it is in accordance with the three successive stages generally defining the educational process: Acquiring basic knowledge, Developping tactical thinkin, Developping strategic thinking. AEL system is an open, dynamic, permanently extendable system,  the information being stored according to the existing standards. The educational support for teaching includes tutorials, exercises, simulations, problem solving, educational games. The system is based on an electronic knowledge center, based on electronic manuals, their content exceeding the usual printed presentation. It also manages other materials, in various presentation forms, including a variety of multimedia content: video demonstrations, documentaries, slide by slide presentations, animations. The knowledge base provides search mechanisms on key words, patterns, areas of interest. The system aims to integrate both elementary applications, (such as assistance for learning typing methods) and office assistance software, complex simulation in several areas and so on.  The system also provides support in student appraisal and assistance for managing and monitoring the performances and the activities at school unit and teacher level.

  • Establishing the program and validating the methodic regulations for integrating the computer assisted training in the school program will be the first step in SEI system. School curriculum and methodology evolution is a continuous process, improved with every stage.
  • Every level training - Training is a process for the didactic personnel, so that it can be transmitted further on to the students, as it is oriented towards using the whole infrastructure. It starts with basic elements, such as tasting, general knowledge about computers and information technology. The training means and support consist of short preparation courses, didactical materials on different levels, Internet access, schools provided with educational software the teacher can also benefit of.   
  • Creating and improving didactic materials fund  - elaborating, publishing and using the educational standards being the first steps. Already developed components will be integrated as well and the creation of new component/applications will be stimulated (such as students creating exercises, tutorials etc).