Medical information across Europe are used to improve patient care | SIVECO Romania

Medical information across Europe are used to improve patient care

Monday, January 19, 2015

SIVECO took part in the implementation of the Linked2Safety project for the construction of a secure and performant environment of the medical clinical data

Pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers and medical services providers benefit now from the advantages of the European research and development project, Link2Safety, developed by SIVECO alongside 10 European partners. The project provides access to electronic medical information in Europe for the promotion of medical research and improving the patients care.

SIVECO participated in the construction of a secure and performant environment of semantic interoperability for medical and clinical data. Interoperability refers to the implementation of a semantic model of alignment and mapping of existent data with used standards in the medical vocabulary. After the informational exchange are produced anonymous results that can be used in the medical research.

Developed over 36 months and financed by the European Commission, Linked2Safety ( has been built on a scalable, modular and extended platform, which offers access to the pharmaceutical companies, experts, medical staff and patients to a large number of information held by medical research institutions from all over Europe.

“The project was acclaimed by the European commissioners present at the final meeting of the project in Bruxelles. During the 36 months there were involved a lot of specialists for implementing this project, dedicated to improve the medical process”, said Monica Florea, European Projects Department Director within SIVECO Romania.

The platform allows the performing of pilot clinical tests, validations and evaluations of the obtained results for developing medical studies. The platform users have at their disposal tools for quality control, data mining, hypothesis testing, as well as options for personalized visualizations and data filtering. In addition, workflows can be created, based on user-selected data sets, for which can be applied complex types of analysis and data process.

The widespread dissemination and exploitation of the project results to the stakeholders (academic and scientific) will be made by a multinational association in Europe.

SIVECO Romania has worked on this project alongside Intrasoft International (Project Coordinator) – Luxembourg, National University of Ireland, Galway – Ireland, The University of Manchester –Great Britain, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover – Germany, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Greece , University of Cyprus – Cyprus, Ubitech Ltd. – Greece, Zeincro Hellas S.A. – Greece, Hospices Cantonaux Chuv – Switzerland, The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics – The Cyprus Foundation for Muscular Dystophy Research – Cyprus.