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Medicine developments are based on IT

Monday, June 1, 2009

The market requires specialists in informatics, medical imaging, telemedicine and robotics.

Bucharest, 1st of June 2009 - Information technology, robotics, sensors, telemedicine, new methods of diagnosis and medical treatment - were just some of the topics addressed at the round table of the 17th International Conference of Engineering Systems and Computer Science, event hosted by the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science University of Bucharest.

At this traditional event, which takes place without interruption since 1975, SIVECO Romania presented a statement that outlined its strategy on the Health field's. The strategy was developed in close connection with the mission and objectives of the Ministry of Health of Romania, and with the requirements and recommendations in this field at European level.

Specialists say, unanimously, that health will be a major problem in coming decades. In these circumstances, SIVECO Romania presentation emphasized the need for higher education in Romania, in general, and the Faculty of Automation and Computers, in particular, to prepare multi-skilled engineers who can work in fields such as medical informatics, medical imaging, telemedicine , robotics, etc.

"The event was a success, the contact between the academia and the IT industry is proving once again necessary," said Professor Traian Ionescu, eHealth Business Consultant within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania has close connections with the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, a good part of the 800 specialists of the company being trained here.