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Member of Parliament for Three Days

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bucharest, 30th November 2006 – Recently, the Plenum Hall of The Chamber of Deputies hosted the first Parliament of Romanian Youngsters. 150 high-school pupils, students and master attendee’s had the opportunity to exercise their politician qualities, to discuss law projects and to vote normative acts.

Initiated by Pro Democracy Association, the project attracted the implication and the support of the state authorities and Romanian and foreign associations.

The selection of the students and pupils was founded on strict criteria, at the jury deposition participating the best representatives. Three days were simulated Parliamentary procedures conforming with the legislative activity, it were initiated laws, opened debates in parliamentary groups that later were submitted to plenary vote.

Deeply implicated in the development of democratic abilities of the young generation, demonstrated by the educational IT projects developed, SIVECO Romania, the only private company sustaining this project, considers that such initiatives contribute essentially to a correct and dignified evolution of the Romanian society.

One of the most discussed themes within the parliamentary groups put a great accent on the professional perspectives of the youngsters after graduating. Have been proposed solutions as the private scholarships and the involvement of private companies in the management of future specialists career. “For our delight one of the participants, student of Faculty of Cybernetics within The Academy of Economic Studies, compared SIVECO Academy with a link between the university theory and professional practice”, declares Irina Socol, General Manager at SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Academy is a complementary training program designed to train students in the software engineering, economic informatics and sales of software solutions, for the development of an exceptional carrier within SIVECO Romania. The program is dedicated to the terminal and master students that choose to complete with practical skills at high quality and performance standards their theoretical knowledge accumulated during faculty.

Starting with the current year the SIVECO Academy Program will be extended grateful to the partnership with the Bucharest University and the Polytechnics Institute. Within this partnership, SIVECO Romania assures a monthly scholarship to the students and offers a permanent support and direction from our specialists”, says Irina SOCOL.