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MEVA Drobeta Turnu Severin implemented SIVECO Application Integrated package

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

11th of June 2004, Bucharest - The company MEVA Drobeta Turnu Severin - a traditional name in car building field for more than 120 years - is one of the most important car building enterprises in Romania.

One of the main directions of the organization has been the computerization of the company, MEVA senior management realizing that at present it is possible to effectively operate only in an integrated IT environment. After a through-going selection process, SIVECO Applications Integrated package had been chosen.

Due to the large data volume, the implementation of the system components took place gradually: starting with Stock Management and Supply Management, then with Financial-Accounting Management, Fixed Assets and Stock Items Management, Contract Management, Budget Management and Production Management, and ending with the implementation of the Human Resources Management and Personnel Payroll, Maintenance Management and SIVECO Business Analyzer.

"MEVA's policy is to consistently provide products that satisfy our client' needs, products effectively achieved in a secure and reliable environment. We are determined to win and keep our clients' trust by continuously improving processes and products, in order to meet our clients requirements. In the light of the aforementioned, we have chosen SIVECO because from the very beginning it made a presentation that suited us, came up with a plausible, competitive and realistic offer, and the implementation of SIVECO Applications IT system confirmed our expectations" declares Fulger Popescu, engineer, General Manager of MEVA.

One of the components within the integrated informatics systems that is of great importance for MEVA, taking into account the profile of this company, Production Management Component.

With the help of Production Management Component is is assisted the entire product manufacturing cycle and covers the main production stages: production preparation, production launching, production follow-up and reporting.

During the Production preparation stage you define product set-up, manufacturing technologies for each reference point and internal production orders.

Within Production Management, the product is defined as a tree multiple structure of subassemblies and components. The manufacturing technology specifies for each operation the required resources (human resources, equipment, SDV-s), as well as raw and auxiliary materials with the quantities indicated by the technologist.

The production is launched based on production orders. The production launching generates job orders, material vouchers and labor vouchers. There is a special module that enables to print the documents necessary to prepare the file for production launching: material vouchers, material voucher summary slip, time per jobs slip cumulated per product, assembling sheet (BOM), technological sheet, materials to supply (from the domestic market and from import), list of collaborations and co-operations.

Reports in the follow-up module enable to obtain information regarding the necessary execution times (obtained based on the manufacturing technology) and the actual time taken in manufacturing a product based on collections from sections.

Therefore Production Management includes a series of modules with specific functionalities, aiming mainly at streamlining production processes.

The implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated IT system in MEVA contributed to:

  • control of the production processes;
  • more effective follow-up, with the possibility of permanent control of delivery, invoicing and receipt terms for the contracts concluded with the beneficiaries;
  • costs control, which allowed reducing non-productive expenses and taking effective measures in due time;
  • data security, by use of system information only by authorized users.
  • due to easy operation, using the system reduced the work volume invested in bookkeeping and documents issuing;

"By integration with the other components within the SIVECO Applications purchased and implemented in MEVA, using the Production Management component within a company allows defining an easy to coordinate and follow process flow" declares Irina Socol, General Manger of SIVECO Romania.