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Modern European citizens need to know how to use logical arguments in debates

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SIVECO Romania supports the initiatives that lead to a better use of democracy.

Bucharest, 09th of June - A marathon of public speeches, that became already a tradition, completed the third series of civic conferences "On the good use of democracy", organized by ARDOR (The Romanian Association of Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric). Saturday, June the 6th, starting with 10 o'clock, two events on the same theme, "Is multiculturalism a utopia?" were organized in parallel. The two debates were held at the "George Enescu" National Museum (in the inner courtyard) in Bucharest and at the Ratiu Center for Democracy in Turda.

High school pupils and students gave speeches alongside special guests: Cristian Parvulescu - President of Pro Democracy Association, Monica Vasile, secretary of state National Council for Fighting against Discrimination and Gabriel Andreescu, professor at SNSPA (The National School for Political and Administrative Studies).

During the two events, the young students had the opportunity to put into practice their communication skills. They had a special chance to prove that they have learned in the debate clubs to show tolerance for the opinions of others. SIVECO Romania, official partner of the project initiated by ARDOR, constantly supports the initiatives which accustom young people with the civic values and the exercise of a civilized dialogue.

"Tolerance, the ability to give logical arguments and the exercise of debating are key elements for a genuine European citizen. I admire both the young people who are concerned about this subject and the organizers who can motivate them, provide useful information and consistently interesting topics for debate", said Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing & Communication Manager within SIVECO Romania.

After 3 years since the launch of this initiative, the ARDOR project still enjoys a great success because of the relevant issues selected for debating that are of major importance for the democracy in Romania.

During the conferences that were part of the series of events "On the good use of democracy", the students had the opportunity to debate on themes like: "Is the Absenteeism Legitimate?", "Are the modern citizens empowered by the new media?", "Voting should be compulsory?" etc.

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