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Modern IT solutions "clean" with IT tools the Sanitation sector

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Utilities have turned in recent years into a new stage of development, marked particularly by the decentralization and privatization of various categories of suppliers. These changes in organizational led to the need for the fundamental restructuring of how things work in this sector.

One of the priorities of utility providers in general and the health services, in particular, is at present, standardization and automation through an informatics operation specific for this industrial vertical. Speeding up the process of using IT solutions in the area of health services has exercised a certain pressure on those operators of health.  Because the competition and the network of service providers for health grew consistently, they have identified in the specialized software the main resource development for the long term.

"The isolated information systems functional until recently at the Utilities companies no longer meet the new requirements of this market. The import of European standards of quality and the need for a performance management determines the health operators to use modern tools to support activities. Respecting this trend of the market, SIVECO Romania has the integrated system SIVECO Applications, with private development for the area Utilities," said Vasile Neacşu, Cluster Utility Manager in SIVECO Romania.

The ERP Application (Enterprise Resource Planning), developed by SIVECO Romania has the capability to of being configured for a wide range of Utilities services, that range from the supply of electricity, heat, drinking water and sewerage, natural gas services to the health, telephony services, radio, television, cable, Internet, etc. To adapt the application to the particular requirements of each operator, this information may decline new features, on request.

"The expertise of SIVECO Romania in the computerization of utility providers was enriched with successful implementation within the framework URBAN Company, which has decided to improve and work through SIVECO Applications. Being one of the major operators of health at the local level, URBAN certified by choice, reliability and efficiency of SIVECO Romania’s IT solutions,“ added Vasile Neacşu.

The development of the current Romanian Utilities and the large area of coverage of such services create the preconditions for diversification and further refining of the information requirements of this area.