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Modern marketing is based on large volumes of data

Monday, May 23, 2005

Bucharest, May 23, 2005 – Last week, in Bucharest, took place an event long waited by the Marketing professionals: the Philip Kotler’s conference, the man who revolutionized the concept of marketing and marketing management.

The Father of the Modern Marketing confirms that, today, the marketing approach is holistic, strategic, using the latest technologies, as companies need on overall view over its potential clients.

At the base of the marketing strategies, as well as the activities of any organization are coherent and correct information. The Marketing department is one of the departments that uses a large and diverse volume of data regarding clients, competition, preferences, new challenges and new opportunities, new markets and products etc.

This way, the data come from different sources, some similar with the business applications such ERP – resources management, CRM – clients, SCM – partners.  The information provided by the ERP systems are those directly related with the internal processes of the company, collected and computed with such integrated information system.

As an answer to its clients’ needs, SIVECO Romania comes with the integrated package SIVECO Applications, an IT solution that provides real-time information for sustainable medium and long-term decisions.

"The SIVECO Romania’s Integrated Information System is an integrated package with more than 26 components that manage the processes of any company, from any industry.  The component can be grouped according to the client’s requests, with results in highly personalized solutions for each beneficiary", said Irina SOCOL, general manager SIVECO Romania.

Gathering 12 years of experience in development and implementation, the information solution SIVECO Applications developed progressively, based on its beneficiaries’ requirements, dealing successfully with the rapid and drastic legal and technological changes on the Romanian and international markets. In Romania over 10,000 users from over 400 Romanian organizations use SIVECO Applications or its components. For the last years, according to the IDC studies for Romania, SIVECO Applications recorded the largest market share on the Romanian market.

For the companies preparing for the European economic environment, SIVECO Applications is an advantageous option compared to similar offers, with located versions in German and English, financial reporting capabilities adapted to the EU norms, as well as extended possibility to adapt to new legal frames.

The success of the ERP SIVECO Applications id determined by several characteristics:

  • It is fully developed in Romania, thus perfectly adapted to the legal frame;
  • The international SIVECO Applications version is released, according to the company’s development strategy to obtaining the European Company status;
  • Presents IAS reporting capabilities, useful for external reports
  • It can be customized according to client’s request and activity, regardless to its size and industry;
  • It enjoys a quite flexible technical support, and an implementation project is not complete until the solution is one hundred percent functional.
"Given the more diverse and powerful new technologies, the huge data volume we work with demands structure and organization, in order to be able to extract the information that help us understand and control the environment we work in", said Aurora CRUSTI, director department SIVECO Applications.