The modernization of the decision making process at Arpechim, with the help of SIVECO Business Analyzer | SIVECO Romania

The modernization of the decision making process at Arpechim, with the help of SIVECO Business Analyzer

Thursday, June 17, 2004

17th of June 2004, Bucharest - The keen competition, the more and more diversified offer and sophisticated demand trigger the need to adopt new strategies in order to modernize and adapt to the latest and best technologies-this tendency has been a characteristic of our country's economy for a few years

Oil industry follows this direction. Arpechim Pitesti, branch of National petroleum Society "PETROM SA" is one of the most known plant for oil refining and petrochemistry on the local and international market, being one of the most important provider of petroleum products on local market and on external market. Beginning with 1993, trying to become one of the most performant and profitable petrocemistry platform in Romania and among the first in Central and Eastern Europe, arpechim Pitesti has elaborated, environment protection and development if information technology. Team work, more secure work place, flexibility in dealing with the market demands and latest technology in all sectors, environment protection, the facilities offered by performant information systems are only a few of the aspects that the board of PETROM had in mind, and that they applied in all its branches, including Arpechim Pitesti.

The decision to implement the Management IT System SIVECO Business Analyser was taken based on the optimum ration price/performance, its ability to adapt to specific criteria and its numerous references.

SIVECO Romania has implemented SIVECO Business Analyzer in numerous organizations in different areas of activity, but organizations which deal with large data volume and activity volume. Among the beneficiary of this solution is SNP Petrom - a leader in Romanian oil industry, in exploitation - production sector as well as refining and distribution sector ALRO Slatina - in aluminum industry; Constanta Sea Administration Harbor - specialized in international maritime transportation; Arpechim - one of the best known companies in the country and abroad that activate in crude oil and petrochimistry industry and many others, organizations that have significant impact at national level.

"Using SIVECO Business Analyzer, these companies have improved their economic performances, by following indicators such as: the evolution of the received encashment/payments(by days); the evolution of the foresee of the encashment/payments; comparative evolution of encashment/payments, foresee vs. encashment/payments, the evolution of every accomplishments in any period of time; the monitoring of the percentage of payments in the current day" declares Lora Crusti, manager of SIVECO Applications department

For Arpechim, using this Management IT System brought immediate benefits, enabling complex analysis both at the level of the entire company and at any administrative subdivision level. Also, using WHAT IF?" scenarios, simulations and forecasts of the economic-financial indicator dynamics, the organization has access to consistent information both for short and medium term managerial decisions and for establishing the long term policy and strategy.

"Petrom's policy follows the principles of peformance and profitability in petrochemistry domain, with respect for both Romanian and European standards. Arpechim Pitesti, branch of one of the most important Romanian company is a traditional name in petrochemistry domain consistently providing products that satisfy its client' needs. Thus we have chosen SIVECO because from the very beginning it made a presentation that suited us, came up with a plausible, competitive and realistic offer, and the implementation of SIVECO Applications IT system confirmed our expectations" declares Alexandrui Badea, IT Manager, Arpechim Pitesti.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is a performant tool, very easy to use. The data may be represented in the chart or a table. The user may choose the representation method considering its benefits. (Chart representation is easy to construct, explore and analyze and the table one is more accurate). To select the data relevant for analyses and syntheses, in a user-friendly graphic manner.

For the mangers the utility of this solution comes from the fact that it gives the possibility to define any indicator for which there is a data support on a relational medium or as fixed or variable format text files( EXCEL, PARADAOX applications, SAP etc.)

The accessed data are organized in subsets corresponding to the filter criteria specified by dynamic and flexible queries of the databases. There can be established the types of relations and dependencies between information and there can be selected the presentation of the extracted data set, being possible to edit and format the output information.

Data security is guaranteed both at user level as well as at database access level.