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Monitoring the compliance with the Europeean Environment norms

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Bucharest, October 6 2004 –  Recently,  the International Symposium “The Implementation of the European Environment Directives – problems and solutions” took place in Bucharest, attended by several personalities in the field, representatives of foreign and local companies and central and local administration (Governmental, city halls, The National Environment Agency, The National Company “Apele Romane”).

SIVECO Romania presented the Management Information System – SIVECO Business Analyzer, a powerful instrument for controlling the water’s quality parameters and solution for monitoring the compliance with the European water norms.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is a controlling and analysis instrument, which acts like an integrator for the available data and turns them into useful information, generating multidimensional analysis indexes.  It also introduces a management style based on interpreting the data and decision-making process through rational models, based on facts and demonstrations.

Using the “what if” scenarios, SIVECO Business Analyzer offers the possibility to modify the initial parameters of an index, to see how that index vary according to the changes.

SIVECO Business Analyzer offers managers information regarding the market’s trends, in order to plan their policy, supports the decision-making process, the monitoring, controlling and forecast processes, and provides support for adopting cost-controlling strategies and identify new revenues streams.

Major advantages are the analysis based on data from any information systems; in other words, the information cumulated in time, previous calculations are stored and used, regardless to the technology.

By using SIVECO Business Analyzer, the users benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Graphic or table representations of data; the user can choose the form of visualization, considering the advantages (the graphic form is easier to read, explore and analyze, and the table form is more accurate);
  • The possibility to define an index based on data from a relational environment or as fix or variable format text files;
  • Real-time data – the date is organized in subsets according to the filtering criteria, specified by dynamic and flexible interrogations of the databases;
  • The selection of the data for analysis and synthesis, in a graphic, user-friendly form;
  • Setting the relations types between the information and the presentation forms;
  • Complex analysis of the activity, at company level as well as at any administrative division;
  • "What if" scenarios, simulations and forecasts for economic and financial indexes, providing an accurate information for managerial decisions on short and medium terms, as well as setting the policy and strategy on long term.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is implemented or in process of implementations at organizations with large volume of data and business processes, with national implications, such as: Holcim, Aerostar, MEVA Drobeta Turnu Severin.