More and more companies decide to manage their production activities with the help of informatics tools | SIVECO Romania

More and more companies decide to manage their production activities with the help of informatics tools

Friday, February 20, 2004

Bucharest, 20th of February 2004 - Taking into account that the direct dialogue between the company's specialists and the potential clients' in all industrial areas is benefic for developing and establishing long and short-term commercial relationships, SIVECO Romania carefully analyses their need for using informatics tools in order to efficiently match market demands.

Clients and potential clients? reactions during the presentations of SIVECO Applications indicate a wide interest in components regarding productive sectors of industry.

Thus, at the latest seminar about SIVECO Applications regarding Production Management Component the evaluation questionnaires showed that 80% of the participants appreciated that the solution proposed by SIVECO Romania entirely meets their needs, concerning mass products, as well as product batches and unique products, and that 75% of them intend to purchase software applications for production management.

The collaboration with partners as AEROSTAR Bacau, MEVA Drobeta Turnu Severin, Astrabus Arad,or LIBERTATEA Cluj proves that companies in productive areas appreciate SIVECO Applications information system as a package that can improve the efficiency of production activities, and expressed the need to purchase the whole system in order to optimize the organization activities.

"Fast reaction to clients demands is the main concern for most of the companies in productive areas. Their competitiveness also depends on the flexibility of production scheduling, which means prompt deliveries, eliminating delays, easy adjustment to existing planning" says Lora CRUSTI, manager of SIVECO Applications Department

Among main benefits that Management Production Component provide we can mention the following:

  • possibility of integration with a PDM system (Product Data Management), "third party" created to assist technological design departments
  • provides assistance ensuring the optimum use of material and human resources, equipments and tools.
  • current costs for every level of production order, segmented on user customizable cost elements represents another tool provided by this application in order to improve economic performance. The application also provides cost estimate before and after production.
  • the conformity of each feature of the product with the quality standards is enabled by quality follow-up module, which process the information and generates all necessary documents.

Description Of Production Management Component

  • Production preparation module enables to define product configuration, including manufacturing technologies for each landmark (product component)
  • A special module manage production orders. The production orders become the launching and follow-up entity of the manufacturing process. The production orders, with their technologies and operations are ready for scheduling production, providing the necessary resources for their execution.
  • Production planning module provides for scheduling the required materials (MRP) based on production orders, followed by the scheduling of technological operations and necessary resources thereof, under limited capacity conditions (CRP)-with the just-in time material provisions.
  • Production launching module manage the scheduling results generating all necessary documentation: Follow-up and Check Sheets, Labor Vouchers, Material Vouchers etc. Production Follow-up module enables follow-up of the job orders fulfillment and labor and consumed material collection for executing the technologies.