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A more efficient way to calculate taxes with iTAXCollect solution

Monday, April 7, 2008

The public administration’s focus on the citizen becomes more and more visible through the actions and initiatives the public sector had in the last past years. Today, the public institutions often choose IT solutions in their “fight” against bureaucracy, in order to establish a modern and transparent relation with the citizens.

“The IT represents a source that can be further more explored by the Romanian public administration in order to increase efficiency and to improve internal processes. We intend to bring the public sector users and IT solutions that are proper customized on the specific activities in this area face to face more often. The new solution for public administration is named iTAXCollect and it is an information product meant for this sector’s taxes management”, says Viorel Coifan, Business Development Manager – Public Administration within SIVECO Romania, on the occasion of the ANIAP event at the end of March.

SIVECO Romania is focused on the public sector’s needs through a set of complementary solutions, including the integrated information system SIVECO Applications, the document and workflow management solution SIVADOC, the Business Intelligence solution – SIVECO Business Analyzer, as well as Infochiosc and Portal solutions. Among them, iTAXCollect represents a complex IT tool that attends both the authorities’ requirements and the individual needs of the citizens.

“We offer the public institutions a solution that completely automates the calculation and data updating processes regarding taxes owned by the citizen. The entire process is simplified and facilitated while centralizing and highly securing all data involved. The system keeps trace of the accuracy and oneness of data and is easy to be managed even when talking about the update of calculation parameters”, explains Viorel Coifan.

iTAXCollect represents the single application on the market that succeeded in implementing the taxes calculation and management in a dynamic manner. Among the strong points of the solution, there must be mentioned the easy implementation of the national legislation as well as of the legal norms issued by local councils. Furthermore, the system proposed by SIVECO Romania is an open one, assuring the interconnectivity with other applications inside the public administration sector.

“iTAXCollect has already proved to be the most appropriate taxes management solution for various places in Romania, bringing a superior management of the entire process for the collection and management of taxes inside the mayors beneficiaries. The use of the newest technologies brings more advantage to the system’s users. In this respect, we recommend iTAXCollect as a viable, portable, quick and customizable solution, able to respond the actual and real requirements inside the Romanian public administration”, declares Viorel Coifan, Business Development Manager – Public Administration within SIVECO Romania.