The Ministry of National Education in Romania innovative initiatives in eLearning are recognized at international level | SIVECO Romania

The Ministry of National Education in Romania innovative initiatives in eLearning are recognized at international level

Monday, March 4, 2013
The eLearning solution provided by SIVECO Romania sets the basis for a new approach and methodology in elaborating cross-disciplinary integrated digital content for interactive multi-touch devices

The Multi-touch technology is used for the first time worldwide in Romanian high-schools, as support for the integrated cross–disciplinary education.

Appreciated for its high degree of innovation and the significant role it plays in offering access to quality education, the eLearning solution developed by SIVECO Romania for this technology within the project initiated by the Ministry of National Education, „Optimized educational process in view of competences within a knowledge based society”, entered the finals of the prestigious competition European IT & Software Excellence Awards.

„The collaborative learning assisted by the most recent information technologies, such as the multi-touch technology, represents one of the most promising innovations in the endeavors of improving the teaching/learning process. Not only does this approach encourages the pupils to work in team for solving the exercises and projects that combine knowledge from several subjects, but contributes at the same time to diversifying and increasing the degree of attractiveness of the learning activities”, stated Tiberiu Velter, General Manager of the Management Unit for Projects with External Funding within the Ministry of National Education in Romania.

The general objective of the project carried out by the Ministry of National Education in during December 2009 – November 2012 was represented by focusing the education process at high school level in accordance to the competences requested by the current social-economic environment and which are not tackled throughout the traditional learning process.

The eLearning solution developed by SIVECO specialists’ team consisted in the development and implementation of a new school curriculum for mathematics, social sciences and support applications for interactive multi-touch devices through which the collaborative learning is supported.

An important advantage of this solution is given by the methodology it is based on and which allows the teachers to create new lessons in accordance to those already developed within the curriculum.

„We are delighted and very proud of this nomination, which reconfirms SIVECO position as international leader as provider of innovative solutions in the field of education. At the same time, we are honored we have had the chance to be involved in a project of large technological complexity and strategic importance for the modern education system, in which we have contributed to setting the basis for new approaches and methodologies in elaborating cross-disciplinary educational materials for high school level. At this moment, Romania represents a case study for approaching learning through integrated cross-disciplinary methods, and we no longer can speak only about potential, but of a documented history instead”, declared Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager, SIVECO Romania.