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Myria Educational proves that you can learn while you play

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The world of educational technologies is on a trend of continuous development and the Myria Educational project aims at offering a perfectly adapted product for the needs of the pupils and their parents who want to get involved in their children’s education. 

Myria Educational offers two dedicated desktop systems: Myria eCreativ 6+ (for primary school) and Myria eCreativ 10+ (for gymnasium).

They both are configured on a hardware solution certified Windows Vista® Home Premium, able to support multimedia applications and advanced games, being pre-installed with a complete software package. What makes the difference are the multimedia educational software packages dedicated for each level. 

For 6 to 10 years old pupils, Myria eCreativ 6+ proposes a package of six eduCreativ programs. The eduCreativ products transform a lesson into a captivating story full of wisdom, while the feared test is transformed into a series of challenges by which the eduCreativ heroes weigh the knowledge of the little ones. The play and the didactical aspect are happily blended in the favor of the latter.

eduCreativ continues the series of educational products realized by SIVECO Romania and AltFactor and the Myria eCreativ 6+ configuration includes the following lessons:

  • Nature Tales: Secrets of plants  - lessons for Environment Knowledge for first grade;
  • Math Operation: How did Alex save Mathematics – Math lessons for 2nd grade;
  • Hocus - Pocus - Literatus: Alex and the magic words – lessons of Romanian language for 3rd grade;
  • Math Operation: Alex and the Time Machine  - Math lessons for 3rd grade;
  • Math Operation: Alex and the problems of Pirate Clinci – Math lessons for 4th grade;
  • Academy of Little Policemen – lessons for Civic Education for grades 1-4. 

For 10-14 years old pupils, Myria eCreativ 10+ brings on the home PC, multimedia interactive AeL lessons developed by SIVECO Romania, designated as the best educational content in the world at the World Summit Award (equivalent to an Oscar prizes in IT) and 4 DVDs containing the BBC documentaries  „The Blue Planet„ and „The world of Dinosaurs”. 

Children can discover through Myria a simple, funnier way of learning, while the parents have at their disposal easy to use tools, to help them in the education of their children. Myria Educational brings in foreground the parental control instruments, as well as an advanced technical solution, which satisfies the needs of every family member. 

More than 170 pupils, parents, teachers and journalists, have already tested the new educational product in Bucharest, Piatra Neamt, Suceava and Falticeni. The road show will continue in the following towns: Targoviste, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Ramnicu Valcea, Targu Jiu, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Craiova, Brasov, Cluj, Oradea, Timisoara, Galati, Tulcea, Constanta, Bucharest. 

The Myria Educational Program is the result of an exceptional partnership, that involves renowned companies in the IT&C industry - CES, Microsoft, SIVECO Romania, AltFactor and AMD. The project was developed in order to provide the Romanian market a full and efficient educational product based on the newest technologies.