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National Computer Science Olympiad Winners- students in the .Champion school

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bucharest, March 31st 2005 – Almost 300 high school students all over the country took part last week in Galati in the final stage pf the Computer Science Olympiad (ONI 2005).

The flawless organization of the Galati County School Inspectorate, the technical conditions of the competition and the value of the participants made all the people present consider it one of the best Olympiad in the last couple of years.

Filip Buruiană, Marina Horlescu, Mircea Pasoi, Valentin Stanciu and Dan Fechete (the ONI Galaţi First Prize Awarded) are names that you can easily find on this year .Champion finalists; it’s hard to believe that this is a simple coincidence, especially when all the .Champion finalists put their names on the ONI awards list.

It’s obvious that the computer science online training they were involved in for 12 weeks was very useful, and we really hope that the final which will be held next month in Valenii de Munte will be as useful as the competition itself in their training for the Romanian International Olympic team”, say Ema Cerchez and Marinel Serban, the coordinators of the .Champion, a competition held within SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency.

In order to put aside the contest’s excitement and worries, the finalists were involved in a very well balanced entertainment program: museums visits, The National Software Park tour, workshops on general interest subjects (eLearning systems, educational software development, school curricula and labour market, etc).

„The genuine talent and exceptional technical knowledge which took the 300 high school teenagers to ONI 2005 are backed up by their interest and curiosity for applied computer science. We gladly discovered that a lot of them are educational software producers and successfully compete in the SIVECO CUP. This category already has a broad vision on everything that is related to didactic software.

That’s why the ALTFACTOR meeting the finalists was a special one, as we could approach other aspects of educational software design, apart from the technical ones. Pupils were delighted of the applied pedagogy we presented. I felt them very closed, just as project managers, our colleagues”, stated Vasile Ifrim, ALTFACTOR’s representative at the meeting held with the finalists.

„ONI is the competition which makes us sure year after year that Romania has extraordinary resources for performance in computer science: teachers passionate for their work and gifted pupils.

As many of the ONI 2005 finalists belong to SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency, we are entitled to believe that these initiatives are very good for their training and must be continued”, said Radu Jugureanu, SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency Coordinator.