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The National Foundation of Young Managers - FNTM has finalized the strategic project "Rural-Manager"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bucharest, 3th of May 2010 - Rural-Manager is implemented by FNTM (, as leader of the consortium, in partnership with the following organizations - the Training and Development Center of Employers Associations in Bavaria - bfz gGmbh (, S.C. SIVECO Romania SA ( and the Euro

Rural-Manager was selected within the Operational Sectorial Program Human Resources Development - POSDRU, which is co-financed from the European Social Fund. The project is worth about 8.85 million Lei and is based on the Financing Contract POSDRU/13/5.2/S/8.

The overall objective of the Rural-Manager project is the development of knowledge, skills and modern entrepreneurial and managerial behavior for the current or future entrepreneurs from the rural area, where by developing their own businesses, they can generate local development and employment opportunities in the development regions North-East, Center and South-East.

The project's target group was formed of entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs from rural areas, from the 18 counties of the development regions NE, Center and SE, aged over 18, at least graduates of high school or vocational school.

"Rural-Manager" was implemented for a period of 16 months, being an innovative project, of non-formal training for the current and future entrepreneurs from the rural area. All project activities were performed according to the implementation calendar, while the assumed objectives were exceeded.

1,576 persons benefitted from this project's utility, either current or future entrepreneurs from the development regions North-East, Center and South-East, the assumed objective being of only 900 beneficiaries. The statistics regarding the 1,576 direct project's beneficiaries is structured as follows: 562 are women, 1206 are residents in rural areas, 376 persons employed in subsistence agriculture, 779 entrepreneurs/managers, 16 persons belonging to vulnerable groups, out of which 13 rroma and 3 disabled persons, 75 unemployed and 173 legal authorized(registered) persons.

Within the Rural-Manager project were organized 18 local conferences, in every county from the selected regions, during the months of March - April 2009, in order to promote the managerial culture and motivating entrepreneurs for starting a process of entrepreneurial education, in order to improve the performance, increase access to financing, acquire good practices and successful national and international ideas, attended by 1413 current and future entrepreneurs.

At the same time, a qualitative and quantitative research was conducted on the training and consultancy needs of the entrepreneurs and of those who which to start a business, in the rural area from the regions NE, Center and SE, attended by 942 persons. Following this research were produced 942 applied questionnaires, 30 interviews, 3 focus-groups and 3 brainstorming sessions. The results of the qualitative and quantitative research were presented in the brochure Rural Entrepreneurship, available on the website and printed in 1,000 copies.

Within the project, customized consultancy was provided for over 395 persons, by means of 18 consultants organized in 9 regional offices.

Subsequently to providing customized consultancy, the project's objectives have been exceeded, by succeeding to obtain practical results in preparing and submitting funding requests in order to access non-reimbursable funds by the beneficiaries.

For example, from the projects submitted by the beneficiaries 9 projects have been already contracted on the following funding domains: POSDRU - FSE, PNDR - FEADR, POR - FEDR, "The National multi-annual Program for the period 2002-2012 for supporting craftsmanship and handicraft" and for the Program for afforestation of poor agricultural terrain developed by Environment Fund Administration.

17 requests for funding are still under evaluation under the measures 112, 121, 141, 312, 313 and 431 within PNDR - FEADR.

At the same time, there were also current and future entrepreneurs that benefitted from customized assistance in obtaining financing for investments, drafting a business plan, business development, marketing, thus 980 consultancy sheets were gathered through the project.

Within the project, there were provided training, guidance and support services for managers, small or future entrepreneurs (selected following the conferences), by means of an innovative portal - integrated tool, that contained: an e-Learning platform, consultancy and networking, an e-business platform to promote the beneficiaries' products and services and a project website that became a center for continuously developing resources, at the disposal of participants and to mayors from rural areas (, with over 73,000 viewed pages. A consequence of developing this instrument was the creation of a cooperation network between the project's beneficiaries, for facilitating the transfer of good practices and initiating of partnerships among them.

During the period August 2009 - March 2010, 401 course participants benefitted from managerial education in the "Program of managerial training and consultancy Rural-Manager". The course participants attended traditional face to face training sessions and in the training on the AeL platform. The subject matters studied within the program on the AeL platform are: Strategic Management, Financial Management, Project Management, Business Plan, IT Introduction for business. The subject matters have been structured within 11 Training Packages, including 627 learning moments and 15 online tests. The course participants have exchanged some 2,000 messages on the platform, each participant spending in average 204.6 hours on the platform.

In order to graduate, 374 course participants have submitted to 15 tests afferent to the 5 subject matters, while 369 have carried out an application project for solving a problem encountered in initiating or developing their own business. In order to mark the project's completion and awarding of the graduates 3 conferences were held for disseminating the project results among the over 300 project beneficiaries and team members.

We consider that Rural-Manager is a successful project, as the envisaged targets have been exceeded through its implementation. Following to this project, FNTM will remain with a network of consultants that will attract new customers for this alternative training and consultancy model. We have the framework created, the courses designed, a significant database, a business portal and a collective reliable network. The project is designed to be improved and to develop itself after the funding is complete.

More information on the National Foundation for Young Managers - FNTM you can find on the website