National Meteorological Administration and SIVECO Romania launch INOVAGRIA Meteo, the support application for informing and decision making regarding the management of weather and agro-meteorological phenomena in Romania | SIVECO Romania

National Meteorological Administration and SIVECO Romania launch INOVAGRIA Meteo, the support application for informing and decision making regarding the management of weather and agro-meteorological phenomena in Romania

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

With aid from INOVAGRIA Meteo, the farmers will make the proper decisions, adjusted to the weather conditions for protecting the agricultural output










The National Meteorological Administration and SIVECO Romania are launching INOVAGRIA Meteo application, the latest IT solution dedicated to weather and agro-meteorological phenomena management in Romania.

The result of SIVECO’s innovation and the ANM technology, INOVAGRIA Meteo application brings about real help to farmers through the agro- meteo specialized information made available to farmers, but to other categories of users interested in the weather report as well.

By means of INOVAGRIA Meteo, the farmers will be able to efficiently plan the agricultural activity and to make the right decisions for protecting the agricultural output. They will have the possibility to know, at any moment the weather condition, the atmospheric pressure the air and soil humidity, the wind speed or the water reserve in soil at the level of locality. Having this information up-to date, the farmers will know when to get the equipment out in the field, when to irrigate, when to protect the crops from the heat or freezing and when to plan the sowing works so that the plants’ frost shall be avoided. 

“In the context of the current and predictable climate change, the best way for finding out adjustment measures specific for agriculture and not just for that, is based on the forecast and warning activity regarding the dangerous meteorological events, as well as on specialized information regarding their evolution, intensity and area of extension/ coverage The substantiation of the process of adjustment to climate change on weather-related data and on specialized studies will allow the decision making factors and practitioners to make the best measures for prevention and reducing the climate risks. Therefore, the support application INOVAGRIA Meteo meets the challenges generated by the increasing frequency and intensity of the meteorological phenomena in correlation with the need for improving the resources management in the production activity”, says Ph.D. Elena Mateescu, CEO of The National Meteorological Administration.

The users will have access, from anywhere, anytime, to a series of weather and agro-meteo data, such as:

  • Meteorological conditions for any place in Romania;
  • Specialized weather forecast for the next 24 hours and for 3 days, for any location in Romania;
  • Air and soil’s temperature, but also the daily minimum (lowest) and maximum (highest) temperature;
  • Quantity of rainfall, air humidity and soil humidity;
  • Atmospheric pressure, wind’s speed, and the wind highest gust;
  • Water reserve in soil for the wheat and maize crop and agro-meteorological bulletin;
  • Immediate warnings for severe weather at the level of locality;
  • Risk phenomena;
  • Meteorological history for each meteo station. 

“The current weather raises outstanding problems for the agricultural crops, while the farmers have to be continuously in tune with the advice, recommendations and warning of meteorological experts. The innovation brought by our application lies in that the farmers will have direct access on their (smart)phone to the latest weather data , will receive notices with warning of severe weather, while three days forecast will help them to take the necessary measures, so that the potential dangers for the agricultural production should be avoided", states Gabriel Lospa, manager of eAgriculture Department, SIVECO Romania.

Complicated meteorological situations are now reaching in due times any Android device, as the application is available for download in Google Play Store.

INOVAGRIA Meteo is integral part of INOVAGRIA application, a technological v dedicated to the farms’ high performing management developed by the eAgriculture Department within SIVECO Romania and launched in 2016. With help of INOVAGRIA application, the agricultural and zoo technical processes are easier to be monitored and managed, which leads to high performances.

About the National Meteorological Administration

The National Meteorological Administration R.A. is the national technical authority in the field of meteorology in Romania, operating under the authority of Environment’s Ministry and has as main objective the protection of human lives and material goods by sending weather forecasts and warnings, forecasts regarding the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants for situations of  occurrence of dangerous weather phenomena and accidental  pollutions, as well agro-meteorological forecasts to the users in the field, according to the specific activities set forth in the Law no. 139/2000 republished, regarding the meteorology activity, Law no. 216/2004, with subsequent changes and amendments, regarding the setting up of the National Meteorological Administration. On the grounds of the legislation in force, the National Meteorological Administration R.A., is the only national , national technical authority in the field of meteorology ensuring the specialty information necessary for substantiating the elaboration and implementation of the policies and strategies  of preventing the impact of dangerous weather phenomena on medium or long term in key sectors (environment, agriculture, defense and national security, transport, energy, etc), as well s for making administrative operation decisions, socio-economical r technical, in emergency situations generated by  dangerous weather phenomena.

Since 1884 to date, the meteorology activity has ensured systematic and consistent observations at national level, as well as information related to weather evolution (weather forecasts at regional and national scale), and also meteorological warnings for dangerous weather phenomena (torrential rain generating flash flooding and floods at regional and local scale or landslide, as well as informing on the draught phenomenon’s evolution in Romania at national/regional/local level, respectively) used with the aim of managing the emergency situations or for prevention measures  and diminishing measures of the short, medium and long term effects.

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