SIVECO Romania in the National Top of Private Companies in 2013 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania in the National Top of Private Companies in 2013

Friday, October 31, 2014

In the national top of big companies, the company ranks first place in customized IT systems development category

At the "National Top of Private Companies from Romania" Gala, the company ranked first place for “Global performance in business” at big companies’ category regarding “Software development on commission” industry.

"National Top of Private Companies from Romania" Gala is an annual event meant to recognize and promote entrepreneurs’ merits and the most performant enterprises.

In 2014, the event was organized within “SME’s European Week” being coordinated by Enterprise and Industry General Directorate from European Commission.

SIVECO Romania is the promoter of advanced technologies in education, agriculture, public administration and health. SIVECO team has advanced competencies in using a wide range of modern and innovative labor technologies and methodologies (Java, Microsoft .Net, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL), that allow them to integrally develop customized solutions tailored for customers’ requests from various industries.

Company’s CAD type solutions portfolio (Customized Application Development) solves specific requests, from document management or customer reliability to solutions that allow the interaction within web-portal type solutions.

Thus, SIVABON (customers’ reliability validation system), SIVADOC (documents’ and workflows’ management system), Portal type solutions, Social Insurance and banking solutions are used for many years by a significant number of users in projects developed by the company both on local and international market.

"Our company’s experts follow and anticipate local and international market’s dynamic and ensure, by the implementation of Customized Application Development type solutions, the convergence of business and social objectives of our clients with their technology needs. Big Data management - perceived as great value assets - with advanced IT solutions, heterogeneous applications integration and the entire customized services portfolio are used for business innovation of our clients", said Mihai Tudor, SIVECO Commercial Vice-President.