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The need for efficient organizing and resources control of the production processes

Friday, May 21, 2004

21st of May 2004, Bucharest - Taking into account the keen competition on the market it is obvious that the survival and development on the goods and services market it is possible only though an efficient and coherent management of production processes, the final aim being to obtain a qualitative product, optimum balanced as to the resources used and the price proposed.

The most secure way of achieving this goal is to computerize these processes. The efficient managing of resources within the organization, especially within production flows leads to productivity increase and optimum use of those resources.

SIVECO Romania is one of the few companies on the local IT market which develops and implements advanced solutions for managing discrete production processes, customized to every organization's specific, regardless of size or field of activity.

For presenting and promoting its solution, Production Management Component, which is part of SIVECO Applications Integrated Package, the company organizes events or participates at different manifestations in the field.

The most recent seminar, organized by SIVECO Romania, was the one that took place at Sinaia, nearby Peles Castle, at the beginning of May. In this special atmosphere, the company's team of specialists spoke to an audience formed of production managers, economics and IT managers from different industries such as-car manufactures, food industry, etc., who actively participated in the discussions asking questions and making eligible observations regarding production activity. The presentations highlighted the easy operating of the system and the support that the Production Management Component offers from the management point of view as well as from the end users point of view.

Also, within the international event organized by Business Media Group, at Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest the specialists of SIVECO Romania made an interactive presentation. Within the conference dedicated to Production Management, consultants like Roland Berger and international authorities in the domain of industrial production theories such as Takashi Koizumi, manager of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance took the floor together with officials from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, and representatives of organizations such as BERD, SAPARD Agency, Romanian Agency for Standardization and Romanian Agency for Accreditation.

The work session organized by SIVECO Romania concentrated on the presentation of IT instruments for streamlining production processes, highlighting of the significant aspects of for productive units being made by the clients of SIVECO Applications - The management, strategic organizations for Romanian economy such as AEROSTAR Bacau and MEVA Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Production Management Component is structured on functional modules that follow up the production cycle starting from the stage of the required raw material supply to the final stage of finished product delivery. Based on a specific module, the application offers active support to the production and procurement planning departments.

Some of the most important advantages, mentioned by the clients of this solution are:

  • Conditions for maximum profitability are being created for production processes;
  • The optimum use of resources and processes can be planned based on the forecasts and market demand;
  • It is possible to increase effectiveness of real processes and consequently customer satisfaction.

The benefits of using the Production Management Component within SIVECO Applications integrated package also include the acquiring and usage of the information in real time. Available on-line, the data can be analyzed and interpreted with the help of SIVECO Business Analyzer, an instrument that helps mainly the managers and the decisions making factors, offering accurate and real time information. One of the other facilities offered by SIVECO Business Analyzer is the possibility given to the managers to define and create their own indicators, without the help of SIVECO Romania's team.