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The new approach to strategic management: performance indicators leading to success

Monday, July 14, 2008

Recently, the company SIVECO Romania added a modern product to its own offer of Business Intelligence solutions, which incorporates a new vision of strategic management - SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard. This solution was developed and, otherwise, implemented successfully on the market, in order to provide data and information structured by shareholders and top management. In this way, software becomes a real support for decision-making and represents a real competitive advantage.

The Balanced ScoreCard concept that lies at the base of our solution has widely spread on a global level and has gained more and more recognition in Romania also. According to specialist studies, more than 50% of companies in Fortune 100 and more than 40% of companies of Europe use the Balanced Scorecard concept in strategy implementation and tracking.

"The concept of Balanced ScoreCard, which I founded and the new SIVECO solution, focus on measuring achievement and performance indicators - KPI (Key Performance Indicators). They are the foundation of successful strategies implemented by leading companies in the U.S.A. and in Europe, which have opted for a correct vision of the business, both in terms of financial as well as the vision and potential business clients or internal processes organization. Basically, SIVECO Romania puts at the disposal of management a software system that can manage, measure and pursue those indicators that the recipient considers vital to its business", explains Ciprian Neacsu, Technical Leader in SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard has a great flexibility, induced directly from the concept and methodology behind it. From this perspective, the solution newly appeared on the market is aimed at companies in all industries, but also at government agencies, non-profit corporations, public administration and service providers.

The solution developed by SIVECO Romania uses and tracks the main performance indicators that lead to success. Unlike traditional applications, this system identifies the weak points of the business, as well as the possible solutions and work plans needed to avoid potential problems. Observing the dedicated Balanced Scorecard methodology, the solution covers multiple indicators of performance, not merely financial ones, focusing on the defining ones for the success of each beneficiary. 

"Using a modern software architecture concept belonging to the newest generation brings complex benefits to its users. They gain real-time access to information of interest, the possibility to monitor, analyze and compare performance, permanently pursuing its strategic objectives. Moreover, the system allows the definition of "What-if" simulation scenarios, the management winning thus the possibility to forecast the future evolution of the business. By default, it brings a high-speed reaction to market dynamics, transformed into a better offer and into an obvious competitive advantage”, added Dorin Bara, Deputy Business Line Manager in SIVECO Romania.