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New awards in the “Moisil’s disciples” competition

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bucharest, 31st March 2009 - From the 27th to the 29th of March, in Iasi took place the 9th edition of the National IT Competition “Moisil’s disciples”. The contest was hosted by the “Grigore Moisil” IT High school, and represents an important instrument for selecting, training and promoting valuable students. A scientific workshop addressed to teachers that are interested in the assurance of quality in education, was organized in parallel with the competition. 

Due to its increasing recognition, “Moisil’s disciples” became a national competition. This year pupils from 28 counties as well from the Republic of Moldavia took part in the event alongside teachers, local organizers, guests and sponsors. 

6 pupils got the maximum points at the end of the competition. To establish the winners the jury took into consideration the pupils’ results in .Campion 2009 competition and the County IT Olympiad. All the pupils that achieved the maximum points received diplomas, and the grand trophy “Moisil’s disciple” was awarded to Casu-Pop Bogdan Stelian, an 11th grade student from “Unirea” National College, in Focsani. 

The contest for the national IT Competition “Moisil’s disciples” had the same subjects as the 12th round of the .Campion 2009 competition. After centralizing the results at the end of the 12th stage, which is the last from the .Campion online contest, the competitors that had the higher scores, were invited for the finals. The .Campion grand finale will take place in Bran, during the 26th to the 29th of April 2009. The final round offers pupils the chance to meet and compete face to face and receive awards for their hard work and commitment.   

In this year’s .Campion finals, 70 pupils that got over 1,000 points will be invited to participate alongside the teachers that trained them online on the  

This competition represent the starting point for many future Romanian IT&C specialists. The results are amazing and every year I discover young people that will definitely have a bright future in the IT&C domain. What do they have in common? The passion for computers, the discipline and the will of becoming the best”, said Radu Jugureanu, the manager of the AeL Educational Content department in SIVECO Romania. 

SIVECO Romania constantly supports the competitions that encourage pupils to develop their IT knowledge, by using their entire potential of becoming active young citizens well prepared for the knowledge society.