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A new career - another professional chance!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013
Priority Axis no 2: Correlating the lifelong learning with the labor market
Major field of intervention 2.3.: Access and participation in Lifelong Professional Training

4th of August 2010

Faxmedia Consulting, in cooperation with its partner, SIVECO Romania, has launched the project entitled "A new career - another professional chance!", project financed from the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Contract no. POSDRU/80/2.3/S/58112.

The project's general objective consists of human capital development through LPT activities (Lifelong Professional Training) for a better training /re-training, correlated with the labor market's demands.

As specific objectives, we should mention: providing LPT for the members of the target group in fields competitive on the labor market, certification of the knowledge acquired by the target group members during the LPT programs, supporting access to counseling and professional guidance, promotion and raising awareness among the target group members and the public opinion on the development opportunities, dissemination of LPT-related good practices and experience exchange, as well as counseling and professional guidance.

The project is addressed to the staff from all organizations, deploying financial as well as related activities, providing the target group a significant part of the tools needed for professional training, in conformity to the labor market demands.

The project's implementation will take a period of 24 months, starting with July 1st, 2010, in the regions of South Muntenia, South-East, and North- East and will include the counties: Argeş, Călăraşi, Dâmboviţa, Giurgiu, Ialomiţa, Prahova, Teleorman, Brăila, Buzău, Galaţi, Tulcea, Vrancea, Bacău, Botoşani, Iaşi, Neamţ, Suceava, Vaslui.

The target group is formed of 1,260 employees running financial-accounting activities.

Project's total value is of 7,814,591 RON.

The anticipated results of the project are presented below:

• Elaboration of support materials for the 11 LPT courses
• Professional training of a number of 1,260 persons, employees running financial-accounting activities within their organizations
• Obtaining training / re-training certificates for the training programs initiated within the project by a number of 1,235 members of the target group.
• Setting up of 3 offices for counseling and professional guidance
• Elaboration of 3 studies of counseling and professional guidance
• Promotion of 2 information and awareness campaigns in 18 counties
• Organization of 12 seminars on the topic of transferring good practices and experience exchange.

Contact Person:
Simona Stanciu, Project Manager Faxmedia Consulting
Telephone: 40-0244/573071
Mobil: 0734.668.539
E-mail: manager58112@faxmedia.ro