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New international partners for SIVECO Romania

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Bucharest, 14th January 2004 - The first distribution partnership has been signed, as part of the international expansion to promote the SIVECO Romania Company?s products and services worldwide.

C&S Trading is SIVECO?s partner for the South-East Asia market, China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

"To promote SIVECO?s products and services we are going to use the present network that we have already built in the Far East. Although is pretty difficult to enter this market, I am sure that the skills of our local partners and the  quality of SIVECO?s offerwill persuade the potential clients", declares Mr. Woo Chu Chung, CEO C&S Trading.

For the German-speaking customers (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) four partnerships have already been set.

FS-EDV GmbH Düsseldorf- based Company, Oracle partner for more than 15th years, is part of Metall Group, offering IT consultancy for over 400 firms belonging to the Group.

Mr. Shams Frank, CEO Metall Group declares: "the potential of our collaboration with SIVECO is very high both within outsourcing projects and in e-learning solutions."

The ERP consultancy company Hamburg-based Sundermann & Lohse GmbH, well known for more than 30 years, has already started an important marketing campaign to identify new potential clients. For the next period of time the company has planed a series of meeting presentations for potential clients at his headquarters or at client?s sites.

Leading player with important and long time experience on the ERP market, Glock IT from Bamberg is a consultancy firm and Oracle partner. The company intends to approach mainly the clients who already have an ERP solution, obsoletein this moment and that need to be exchanged with a new, efficient and up-to-the minute technology.

#1 on the German consultancy market, Steinbeis IT from Schweinfurt is an IT consultancy and technology transfer organization, one of the 500 members of the reputednetwork Steinbeis. The partnership with this organization represents for SIVECO an important recommendation for the European market.

Prof. von Loeffelholz, an ERP guru, is extremely optimistic about the SIVECO Applications?s success on the European market.

"For the next period of time we are going to sign other 6 partnerships with companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland", declares Radu Gheroghevici Pohl, Business Development Manager at Siveco Romania. "Thus we will cover the German speaking market with qualified partners, addressing all market verticals."