A new major European recognition for SEI - The IT-based Educational System | SIVECO Romania

A new major European recognition for SEI - The IT-based Educational System

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The European IT Excellence 2008 awards promoted by the prestigious publication –IT Europa, rewards annually the most efficient software solutions designed for commercial and governmental organizations. The quality of the implementation as well as the impact of the SEI project (The IT-based Educational System) were the main reasons for which SIVECO Romania managed be successful in the European IT Excellence Awards 2008 Gala, receiving a new and prestigious European recognition.

“The eLearning solution provided by SIVECO Romania for the country’s Ministry of Education Research and Youth is an excellent example of how to deploy a multimedia based content management system tailored for a dynamic educational environment,” commented John Chapman, awards organizer and Editorial Director of IT Europa. “The judges were particularly impressed with the sheer scale of the project across more than 4,500 schools and colleges and the positive effect it had on the learning experience of the students.”

49 companies from 16 countries were invited to Frankfurt to present their projects that were selected by the jury for the final stage.

The European IT Excellence 2008 awards aim to recognize the vital role that software and solution providers play in the European area. SIVECO Romania was nominated in two of the competition’s categories.

By providing a detailed description of all the phases of the project and the benefits that the AeL solution brought to the educational system in Romania, SEI received the jury’s votes and surpassed in the final stage the projects submitted by IPM from UK and Wipro Technologies from India.

The recognition we received at the European IT Excellence Awards 2008 represents a great honor for us and in the same time a great joy, proving once again the expertise SIVECO Romania acquired in developing real and viable solutions for the society. The joy is a direct result of seeing how a Romanian educational project became a success story at international level, and is present in the most relevant events from the IT&C domain”, declared Stefan Morcov, Line of Business Senior Director, SIVECO Romania.

In selecting the most proficient projects from the submissions received, the jury took into consideration primarily the impact on the users as well as the capacity of the project to represent a “good practice example” at European level. SEI was appreciated for its high level of complexity and the considerable effort it included –from providing schools with IT&C equipments and multimedia educational content, to monitoring the activity in the AeL laboratories and the training of teachers.

The creation and development of interactive educational content is now a significant area of expertise for SIVECO and an important step that Romania makes towards the knowledge society. The successful model of the SEI project is now implemented in more and more educational systems all around the world, because eLearning solutions offer support for free and equal access to education and culture”, declared Stefan Morcov, Line of Business Senior Director, SIVECO Romania.

Among the winners of other categories in the competition we can mention: Appear Networks, Xtract Ltd, Aldata Solution, jMind Consultancy, INFOTHENA, IBS, Fordway Solutions Ltd, Controlware Communications, Northdoor plc, vc-net, Care Telecom, Excell Group, Central Telecom, Esprinet and EMC.