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New records for the most important educational portal in Romania

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bucharest, 4th July of 2007 – The portal initiated by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth in collaboration with the specialists of SIVECO Romania, comprises of one of the most dynamic virtual communities. Having already become a vital source for obtaining complete and real-time information, for pupils, teaching staff, parents and media, is registering heavy traffic during the months of June-July, when the National Testing and the Baccalaureate Exam take place. According to the site, the SEI portal that already ranked first at the category Education, has reached the second position also for the general category, having registered over 1.5 million visitors over the last month.

The most accessed sites of the portal are:,, and obviously

Future high school pupils were able to consult the schooling plan for 2007 on the web site The peak traffic was registered in the period of 29-30 June, after the publishing of the final results at the National Testing.

The star of these days remains, where after each exam test, those interested may find out the partial results.  It is expected that the record of 287,205 visitors set in 2006 will be surpassed on 10th July 2007, when final results at the Baccalaureate Examination are to be published.

The success of the forum is owed to the users actively involved in the virtual dialogue, on the theme of exams and generally on education, but also to the specialists of SIVECO Romania, in charge with the site’s administration components and to the volunteers that ensure the discussions and help the forum’s users to go around and get relevant answers to their questions.

The promptness of the answers and the quality of information - continuously updated, have been the main arguments that have pushed users to post an impressive number of messages. Thus, the over already 100,000 users registered on the forum of the SEI portal have posted more than 576,500 messages, with some moments when there were simultaneously over 4,700 users on the discussions forum.

The main objective of the Educational Portal SEI is to provide useful, real time information, but also to prepare the young people to cope with the future information society. meets the communication needs of the persons eager to find out novelties regarding the Romanian education system and remains still the most accessed source of information in the educational field.

About SEI:

The IT–based Educational System is an ambitious endeavor initiated by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth (MERY) in 2001, in partnership with the specialists of SIVECO Romania. The Program aims to bring the Romanian society into the high-tech age by providing new technology directly in schools and is integrated as a key component in the education reform. The national and international recognition achieved by SEI, prove once again the success of the program. SEI was widely appreciated as one of the most advanced elearning projects in the world.