A new SIVECO Applications customer: SC LETEA BACĂU SA | SIVECO Romania

A new SIVECO Applications customer: SC LETEA BACĂU SA

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Bucharest, 21st January 2003 - SIVECO Romania has recently signed a contract by which the company will implement SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System at LETEA Bacău.

At the beginning of the year LETEA Bacău management decided to acquire a complete, solid ERP solution (which includes the production component as well), easy to configure and set on parameters - so that it allows activities management within the organization, extremely important for the industry it is part of, in complete safety conditions.

In spring 2002, LETEA representatives realized, after attending a SIVECO Romania seminar at Bacău, that SIVECO Applications perfectly meets the organizations requests.

Thus SIVECO Romania has been invited, besides other companies, to propose a technical offer. Each company eligibility was presented, together with the turnover, reliability and  references portfolio (similar projects with successful implementations).

Technical offer quality and financial offer level were decisive and thus, at the end of August, decision makers within LETEA Bacau selected SIVECO Applications sokution for computerizing the entire organizational activities.

After the negotiations at the beginning of September, the first contract to be signed referred to financial-accounting activities automation. 

The project has been subsequently extended to maintenance field - maintenance and repairing, inventory and purchase management.

SIVECO Applications implementation team is entirely made up of SIVECO Romania specialists, whose experience in implementing similar projects  (at ALRO Slatina, Romania, Valea Jiului Autonomous Water Company, Customs General Administration, Termoficare 2000 Piteşti etc.) represents a warranty for the project success. 

About SIVECO Applications

SIVECO Applications Integrated System, which is web-enabled, covers the following complex functionalities: 

SIVECO Applications Integrated Information Package, which is web-enabled, covers the following complex functions:

  • financial - accounting management;
  • production management;
  • personnel management , planning and developments as well as payroll; 
  • non-movable tangible assets, fixed assets and inventory items  management;
  • budget management;
  • inventory, warehouses and procurement management;
  • clients, rates, order and supply management;
  • sales management;
  • contracts and commissions management;
  • maintenance management;
  • investments management;
  • tariffs management;
  • transports management;
  • norms and parameters management;
  • service management;
  • billing;
  • document and work flow management;
  • decision making and economic analyses.

Integrated Package components are entirely developed by SIVECO Romania SA. The package integration is given by the unitary development conception, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, by the Oracle development environment and database. The same graphic interface is displayed to the user , all components using the same Windows based standard. Data security is treated in a unitary way and  the user?s access rights are defined in detail.

SIVECO Romania produces yearly at least a new version of all the components of the Integrated Package, being compatible with the previous versions. The release of new versions is imposed by the users? needs by modifications in legislation and by changes  in the information technology environment.