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The newest educational products increase students' interest to learn

Friday, November 21, 2008

Raising the standards adopted in compulsory education and increase the role of IT in the area of teaching materials were the main themes addressed at WorldDidac Fair, which took place recently in the city of Basel, Switzerland. 423 exhibitors from 31 countries have submitted bids to a number of educational 20,000 visitors from 76 countries.

Participant in the event, Stefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-President Commercial E-Learning, has had the opportunity to compare solutions for e-learning products SIVECO Romania to offer global momentum, and the level of assimilation of education assisted by computers in Romania with that of other countries.

Exhibitors from around the world have come to deal with the new offer services and products for all levels of education and training.

Table digital interactive books that you learn to sing, with the support of the CD, courses of English business stories in which children learn math more easily, laboratory data, figures and tables condensed into a device equipped with 7 cm touch screen - are just some of the products that have attracted the attention of visitors.

"Experience SIVECO Romania in the field of educational materials is one that is up to European standards. We are proud that we have advanced products that can be used anywhere in the world. Information technology play an increasingly represented in the area of education", said Stefan Morcov.

WorldDidac is dedicated to international projects. Therefore, the fair is visited by officials from education, but also for buyers and dealers.

Visitors of different ages were interested in demonstrations made at various booths, the organizers managed to put in contact suppliers of educational services and representatives of the public who addressed them.