SIVECO Romania receives title of “Exporter of the Year” at the Nine O' Clock Awards Gala | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania receives title of “Exporter of the Year” at the Nine O' Clock Awards Gala

Thursday, February 6, 2014
The award comes as recognition of the outstanding results regarding the company’s export of software solutions to 27 countries on 4 continents

At the Nine o’ Clock annual gala, the awards „Exporter of year 2013” was given to SIVECO, "for outstanding results in exporting IT expertise, within complex, large scale projects, which contribute to raising the Romania’s prestige on international level".

"In 2013, a difficult year worldwide from the economic perspective, SIVECO succeeded the performance consisting in its exports exceeding the threshold of 30% of turnover. The international expansion of our business is based on the expertise and good practices in software development, implementation and integration, which we gained through thousands of projects and hundreds of thousands of labor hours", says Florian Ciolacu, Vice-President International Sales within SIVECO Romania.

The international expansion, strengthened over the past 9 years, validates the expertise gained by running large scale national projects.

The company is currently developing and implementing projects in 27 countries with development potential from the Community of Independent States, Middle East, North Africa and the European Union.

Over 30% of company’s turnover comes from exporting know-how, where the eLearning solutions are prevalent.

SIVECO implements complex educational projects, having major social impact, in Malta, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Cyprus, but also in Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Oman. We know that today, 19 million beneficiaries worldwide are using the educational platforms, the computer based solutions for collaborative learning or the digital manuals compatible with any technology developed by SIVECO.

"We have modernized the national customs processes in Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, where we implement computerized systems for the management of customs transit operations and for  informing regarding the Community’s Integrated Customs Tariff, according to European norms. We are national leaders in implementing complex integrated projects for organizations of the European Community. The most important projects developed in 2013 are targeting the consumers’ organizations, being implemented for the Health and Consumers’ Executive Agency of the European Commission and for the Sanco General Directorate, the European Union Publications Office, European Aviation Security Agency, Eurostat and EuropeAid", states Florian Ciolacu.

The results achieved so far represent a solid base for business development in the next years, a period when the company’s presence will grow both in Romania, in the public and private sector, and on international markets. In fact, the company’s medium term development strategy aims at increasing the export ratio up to 50% of turnover.