The number of employees in SIVECO Romania has grown by over 50% | SIVECO Romania

The number of employees in SIVECO Romania has grown by over 50%

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The company has recruited top specialists for the departments of eLearning, eAgriculture and Customized Applications

Bucharest, 23rd of August 2011 - SIVECO Romania is maintaining its reputation of good employer even in this crisis driven year. Since January 2011 and up to now, the company has employed 380 IT specialists, reaching 1,050 staff. The increase of the team by over 50% is due to the large number of internal and international projects the firm is developing in Romania and in countries from the European Community, Middle East, North Africa and the Community of Independent States area.

In a top of recruitment, the most jobs have been filled by specialists in the fields of eLearning, eAgriculture and Customized Application Development.

"We hope that the new colleagues will easily adjust to our large team. Many of them have recently graduated and wish to build a nice career in the IT field. We provide them with the possibility to work in large projects that will help them to develop from the professional point of view and to become experts recognized internationally. Since the beginning of this year, the software companies have performed several recruiting. This is one more proof that in this industry, one of the most dynamic in the Romanian economy, is really producing performance", has said Daniela Bichir, Vice-President Human Resources and Quality Assurance within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania is known among employers for the consistent involvement in activities supporting the community. The company is evaluating annually its activity from the economic, social and environmental point of view through the social responsibility report.

The company's contribution to the society's development is given by projects run in Romania, and also for organizations of the European Union, in Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Belarus, Oman, Bahrain, Cyprus, Macedonia, projects having a strong social component, dedicated to teachers, pupils, students and employees from various public and private organizations.