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Oil & Gas industry gradually assimilates professional informatics products

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Romanian oil industry is beneficially influenced by the modernization and restructuring of economic activity in the sector. The role of the major industries in the economic balance of individual countries has resulted in recent years, in radical measures to upgrade the working instruments that support the industry.

"The Oil & Gas presents a series of features on operational flows, differing deeply from any other form of economic organization. We practically are talking about a complex of activities typical for this area, starting from the exploration, drilling, extraction, up to the processing and transport. By the nature of the object of their activity oil companies need to follow a clear set of work operations, to set up strict criteria, and to functionally integrate in an unitary system. To this end, the solution developed by SIVECO Romania conducts with a maximum economy of time and resources, the automation and standardization of the main processes the oil companies practice," says Mihaela Baciu, Cluster Manager Oil & Gas, in the SIVECO Romania.

A representative oil company has the ability to cover all major activities - drilling, extraction, processing, and distribution - in addition to ancillary activities, derived from the main object of activity. Another key feature of the oil companies is that their scope is usually very broad, covering even more countries. Therefore, the management of such organizations is very complex, requiring management of a huge volume of information and processes. For processing, interpretation and evaluation of the data resulting from the specific activities in the oil field, the profile companies currently call the product information professional support.

"The base of oil and gas is done, initially, with the help of disparate applications (accounting, materials management, personnel records, etc.).Currently, solutions used in this industry have developed systems to integrate the activities of technical support and business. The modernization of Romanian oil and gas industry is directly related to the degree of assimilation of IT&C tools. Increased automation and computerization of equipment and facilities specific to this profile that ensure increased productivity, reduced losses, diversification of services stations, increased sales volume per employee and reduced costs needed for the entire chain of activities (transportation, distribution, marketing). All these objectives are tangible with the system SIVECO Applications. This software integrates and unifies the entire set of operations performed in the company; its performance is validated by the representative companies in oil and in the extraction, processing and distribution of natural gas. SIVECO Romania is currently preparing to launch a new product, Waste Management, which is fully integrated package SIVECO Applications. The new component will be part of the action plans of any organization generators of waste, including companies in the area of Oil & Gas", Mihaela Baciu added.

The Romanian Industry of oil and gas proves an increased mobility being increasingly responsive to technology news and information validated by international practice. At present, the main players in the local oil industry enjoy the advanced IT tools with performances comparable to those of similar products on the European market. SIVECO Romania involvement in the computerization of this industrial vertical is certified by a suite of successful implementations at major companies active in this field.