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SIVECO rewards the winners of the National Computer Science Olympiad

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The best school computer scientists of Romania competed in the most prestigious national IT competition for students

From April 10th to 14th the city of Slobozia hosted the National Computer Science Olympiad for middle schools, the most prestigious competition in the field. Over 200 students from fifth to eighth grades from all over the country had the opportunity to challenge their ingenuity and talent in computer science, driven by the desire to reach heights of excellence.

The competition, coordinated by the Ministry of National Education, was organized by the Ialomița County School Inspectorate with the cooperation of colleges and high schools from Slobozia: National College "Mihai Viteazu", Pedagogical School, Technology High School "Al. I. Cuza", Technology High School "Mihai Eminescu" and Theological Seminary. At the award ceremony held at the House of Culture of Slobozia County organizers offered 35 awards and medals to students who ranked on top of the podium.

National Olympiad represents an intermediary stage in the selection of the best students who will represent Romania in international competitions in the field. At the end of the run-offs which will be taking place these days, will be selected the most talented students with the most chances to perform internationally.

"We were glad to see how the young computer science enthusiasts dedicated all their efforts and a year of intensive training in order to develop the most effective and innovative IT solutions. The competition was very close, the evidence of that being the fact that three students from eight grade and two students from sixth grade ranked on first place. These young people are likely to become the future elite computer scientists of the country”, said Prof. Ileana Condruț, Inspector at Ialomița County School Inspectorate.

Teachers and specialized inspectors made the jury, chaired by prof. Dr. Grigore Albeanu.

SIVECO supported this year's competition by offering top of the range performant tablets for first prize winners, from the fifth to the eighth grades Tudor-Gabriel Mocioi (National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest, fifth grade), Cella Florescu (National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest, sixth grade), Alexa Maria Tudose (National College "Ion L. Caragiale" from Ploiești, sixth grade), Alexandru Petrescu (National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest, seventh grade), Andrei Radu (National College "Nicolae Balcescu" from Brăila eighth grade), Tudor Enescu (National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest, eighth grade), Livia Magureanu (National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest, eighth grade). An impressive number of awards went to the National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" from Bucharest.

"We have kept the tradition of supporting young people who promise to become future professionals in IT&C area. This approach meets our long-term strategy to support performance education in Romania”, said Emil Dragomirescu, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania is a constant supporter of educational events such as the National Olympics and inter-county programming competitions which are useful steps in preparing students for a competitive future, contributing to discover and encourage computer science talents.