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Online Educa Berlin 2006 – New Global Dimensions of Education

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Bucharest, 7th December 2006 – The 12th Edition of The International Conference Educa Berlin took place between 28th November and 1st December in Berlin.

Reuniting over 2000 participants from 73 countries, this edition had, in comparison with the previous a clear component of globalization by differentiation, by identifying the multiple connections of the eLearning process/concept.

Conjugating with other important directions, as the quality assurance in education, the continuing learning, the specialization of the didactical profession, the eLearning process reached unexpected dimensions at the 12th Edition of Educa Berlin International Conference.

It has been talking very much about an acceleration of the assimilation of the eLearning technologies by the society, but the premises are changing continuous, by the pedagogical, theoretical and psychological point of view through the formation of transferable competences and development of mental operations and structures and a rethinking of the teaching-learning strategies and of the educational system.

What was considered at first as a niche industry today can be represented in a geometrical arborescence with ramifications to the entire social, industrial, cultural economical and educational activities.

Within the 480 participants invited to sustain scientifically papers at Berlin, it were presented and three Romanians: Prof. Univ. Dr. General Mircea Muresan, rector at The National Defense University “Carol I”, Prof. Univ. Dr. Ion Roceanu from The National Defense University “Carol I” and Prof. Radu Jugureanu from SIVECO Romania.

The presentation “Building a Better Future is Equivalent with Investing in our Educational System” sustained by Prof. Radu Jugureanu consisted in an overview of SEI (The Romanian IT Based Educational System), governmental program recognized on the international plan as a best practice of an eLearning project.

SIVECO Romania presence at Online Educa Berlin brings value to this conference. SIVECO Romania participates for the 4th year consecutive at this conference, being together with the Polish companies, the unique representative of the Central and Eastern Europe. The eLearning projects that you are developing in Romania are an eloquent success example of a project in European space”, declared Rebecca Stromeyer, the Director of OnLine Educa Berlin Conference. 

As the previous years at OnLine Educa Berlin participated and the winners of The National Contest of Educational Software SIVECO Cup and a representative of the National Conference of Virtual Learning (CNIV): Prof. Ema Cerchez, Prof. Marinel Serban, Alexandru Prietanu and Dragos Raducanu from computer science High School “Grigore Moisil” Iaşi and Prof. Univ. Dr. Grigore Albeanu from UNESCO department of The University of Oradea participated at conferences and presented their results within the exhibition.

Also at the event participated and the Microsoft prize winners from SIVECO Cup contest: The National College “ Nicolae Iorga” team from Valenii de Munte, Prof. Adrian Mihalcea, Stefan Crivat and the students Codrut Liviu Matei, Radu Sebastian Alexe and Gabriel Tomescu.

Real ambassadors of computer assisted education from Romania are these teachers and their teachers. It is amazing how these seventeen youngsters have the necessary and sufficient knowledge to sustain eLearning themes and ideas in the expert presences, no matter from where are they. I’m absolutely convinced that with their help, with their teachers support, the champion professors that guide them in this direction, Romania will become very soon a knowledge and powerful poll of the worldwide eLearning“, declared Prof. Radu Jugureanu , AeL eContent Project Manager at SIVECO Romania.