SIVECO Romania won a new project for the European Commission | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania won a new project for the European Commission

Monday, April 8, 2013
The Romanian software experts will develop a complex portal for over 500 million EU citizens

Half of billion of users will be able to simultaneously access the on-line services that provide integrated information regarding the European Union’s legislation (EUR-Lex), publications (EU Bookshop) and public acquisitions (TED).

This will be provided through a complex portal developed by SIVECO Romania that will offer integrated access from a single point. Currently information is available through separate websites.

The portal is developed for the Publications Office of the European Commission. Following the tender organized in 2012, SIVECO won the project and was designated to provide software development and maintenance services under a two-year framework contract.

The new portal will reunite more than 390.000 public procurement notices, 5,900 publications and 2,000 regulations, directives and decisions published every year. A huge volume of information will be easily available through simple and advanced search options giving the public the possibility to better identify relevant information, much faster. Another essential advantage of this portal consists in its capability of automatically notifying users on the news in their specific areas of interest, on any device, including mobile ones.

"In the last 5 years, our expertise in complex integrated projects at European level became an important competitive advantage in winning such contracts. SIVECO won the first projects for the Publication Office of the European Commission two years ago for software development and maintenance services for the CORDIS portal – the European research portal. CORDIS is the main information point for the research programs financed by the European Commission, has three million accessed pages and 500,000 documents downloaded monthly", said Irina Socol, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania develops over 20 multiannual projects for important organizations of the European Union, among which the European Safety Aviation Agency, the European Union Statistics Institute - Eurostat, the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers and the Cooperation Office of the European Commission – EuropeAid.

"These successful projects developed for beneficiaries with such exigent requirements and in a highly competitive European market confirm our company’s consistent experience in implementing large and complex software projects, meeting very demanding performance standards", said Stefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-president SIVECO Romania.