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Organizations win efficiency through better document management

Friday, June 27, 2008

The theme of efficient document management for the Romanian organizations was recently debated at the “Document Management” conference, organized by CIO COUNCIL and Agora Media. The subject of great interest nowadays focused the attention of both IT managers and decision persons from the Romanian companies with more than 5 million euro turnover and the representatives of central public administration and IT providers as well.

On this occasion, the SIVECO representatives presented the benefits and facilities the workflow and document management system SIVADOC brings in both private and public organizations. An overview of the company’s projects in this field offered the participants a true opportunity for understanding the manner in which SIVADOC assures efficient document management in organizations from various fields of activity.

 “The Romanian organizations align to the international tendencies that promote the efficient management of documents with important reflections in the protection of the environment but with also economical effects as it results in “releasing” the processes and bringing them more efficiency”, declares Ionut Arsene, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

The main competitive advantage of the solution developed by SIVECO Romania is its flexibility, proven by successful projects in various economical fields. Among the references for this software there are well-known names from the manufacturing field, like AKER Tulcea Shipyard, the utilities sector – among which Congaz Constanta – and the banking field as well – Transilvania Bank, BRD etc.

The SIVADOC solution also proved its viability through implementations within public institutions like the Bucharest City Hall, the University Politehnica of Bucharest, the “Monitorul Official” institution of Bucharest and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - the Payment Agency (APIA) etc.

As one of the newest solution for document and work flow management, SIVADOC brings a “profitable” economy of the business, concerning all costs’ levels: the time needed for creating and managing the documents reduces with about 60%, productivity increases with an average of 30%, the time spent in work processes gains 25% efficiency, the physical archive for documents and stocks are reduced to 50% etc.

“Document management becomes a critical subject for the Romanian organizations. The traditional approach of documents consumes much of the organizations’ time and money when the business environment is already focused on researching the possible solutions and has more and more specialized requests. On the other hand, this reality makes us – the software producers – develop better systems. SIVADOC assures the economy of the resources and their optimal allocation. Improving the workflows, keeping track of their flux inside the organization and introducing standards in the communication are just a few of the advantages won when using SIVADOC”, declares Ionut Arsene.