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Oscar In Project Management for SIVECO Romania team

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bucharest, 16th November 2006 – “The Excellence Award in Project Management” is an important competition organized annually by APMR and IPMA that awards the Romanian teams with excellent results in project management.

The awarding ceremony reunited representatives of the most important companies and institutions with exceptional results in project administration and implementation, as well as numerous specialists from this domain.  This year the event benefited from the presence of Mr. Otto Zieglmeier, the IPMA vice president and Mr. Stanislaw Sroka, president of IPMA Poland.

“The Oscar in Project Management” was gained this year by SEI – the Romanian IT based Educational System, the national IT program of pre university educational system – a project initiated by The Ministry of Education and Research from Romania and implemented by SIVECO Romania in partnership with IBM and HP.

The purpose of the IT-based Educational System is to encourage innovative teaching and to stimulate the creativity of both students and teachers. It provides an environment that favors the development of projects and the participation of all of the system's beneficiaries for further advancement of IT. The IT-based Educational System contributes to the improvement of the curriculum thanks to the integration of modern teaching-learning methods.

The results and the coherence of SIVECO’ s project represented two major arguments for considering SEI as a best practice, this time in project management.

SEI project demonstrates there is a Romanian Project that respects the international principles and efficiency criteria of excellence in project Management, declares Stefan Morcov, SEI Project Manager.

This award certifies the quality of the entire management process and the great results obtained by this program implementation, that briefly, represented the delivery of 4780 IT laboratory in schools and high schools from Romania, 1650 interactive lessons, the training of 60.000 teachers, and last but not least, the effort of an impressive team and a large number of partners. The success of this project was ensured by a permanent communication with partners, and by a project management based on strictly efficiency criteria.”