For over 10 years, SIVECO Romania is supporting the research, innovation and excellence initiatives in the field of eLearning | SIVECO Romania

For over 10 years, SIVECO Romania is supporting the research, innovation and excellence initiatives in the field of eLearning

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Over 100 academic papers in research and educational software have been presented during the anniversary edition of the National Virtual Learning Conference, the most important educational academic event in Romania

Reaching its X edition, the National Virtual Learning Conference took place this year in Braşov, during 2-3 November, at the same time with the VII edition of the International Virtual Learning Conference.

The two scientific events belong to the events dedicated this year to the great mathematician Alan Turing, as 2012 marks 100 years since his birth. Both events were held at the „Transilvania” University in Brasov, being organized by the Bucharest University with support from the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) and SIVECO Romania, in partnership with the Center for Development and Innovation in Education (TEHNE).

"In 2012, after 10 years of complex and various activities within the CNIV educational project, by moving through several stages, through teamwork and collaborative activities, the e-Learning and educational Software products have not only the expertise of the informatics and IT specialists embedded in them, but especially didactical and pedagogical scenarios dedicated to the learning process for the benefit of pupils and students. The success that CNIV is enjoying is due to the fact that this project is equally addressed to pupils and teachers, researchers, to the academic milieu and to corporations, as stakeholders with equal and full rights, but also responsible as direct beneficiaries of modern education. The papers presented year-on year, more applied and emerged into the pedagogical practice reality, attempt to prove that technology is a means of a quality educational undertaking, while the computer is a means for building a new vision on education, research and innovation. The CNIV project has demonstrated these wishes are valid in the context of involvement and collaboration between the university, pre-university and IT sector, respectively", has stated Ph.D. Lecturer Marin Vlada, coordinator of CNIV and ICVL projects, Bucharest University.

With the promotion and development of the cutting-edge technologies in education and research as main objectives, the two conferences represent the most important academic event in Romania, bringing together teachers from higher and pre-university education, pupils, students, as well as education and IT specialists.

Over 200 teachers and researchers have submitted 46 papers within the CNIV conference, while another 300 have attended without presenting a paper. The ICVL conference was attended by over 80 participants from 14 countries on 3 continents, who have submitted 67 papers. All the papers have been published in the ICVL and CNIV volumes, respectively, at the Bucharest University Publishing House.

"We are happy to see an ever growing interest from the participants every year – specialists, teachers and students- regarding the use of the latest technologies and methods in the education process. The two conferences turned into a forum of scientific debate, into a platform for defining a common policy for implementing the eLearning attributes into the education process. Through these conferences we aim at providing the university and pre-university communities a proper environment for expressing the professional and management initiatives. At the same time, CNIV and ICVL also contribute to intensifying collaboration between the students, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and IT specialists with the aim of conceiving and elaborating the most efficient and modern applications of educational software”, has stated Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.

Other initiatives, such as the workshop "Haptic feedback System in education" and the "Educational software" exhibition and contest have also been organized within the two events, where educational software papers and projects have been presented.

Subsequent to the analyses performed by over 150 CNIV evaluators, SIVECO Romania will grant awards for the most appreciated papers published in the CNIV volume, and also for the most innovative software products in education and research, while the grand prize consists in the best paper’s author participation in BETT London 2013, the year’s major exhibition in the field of eLearning.

SIVECO Romania supports the National Virtual Learning Conference l (CNIV, and International Virtual Learning Conference (ICVL, ever since 2003.