Over 100 national and international portals developed by SIVECO Romania | SIVECO Romania

Over 100 national and international portals developed by SIVECO Romania

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Virtual communities of more than 40 million persons benefit from modern collaboration and information sharing facilities


Bucharest, 14.08.2012 – SIVECO Romania has developed and implemented over 100 portals both at national and international level, through which it has been facilitating the development of virtual communities of more than 40 million persons.

The company’s specialists hold a rich expertise in the development of portals specialized in various fields (educational, tourism, agriculture, sports, etc), portals dedicated to the general public, public and private sectors, offering at the same time modern collaboration and information sharing facilities, in a virtual, secure environment.

The portal solutions facilitate the quick access to a large volume of data, through a simple and friendly interface and resident facilities for the correlation and advanced search of information. Each of the portals developed by SIVECO Romania provides the content necessary to the community for which it has been developed, in a structured and intuitive manner, through web pages, video and audio files, animations, links to other relevant information sources, forums, chats, etc.

Each user receives differentiated  access in the portal, based on the role allocated to the group in which the user is included, having at the same time the possibility to interact with other users of the portal through the collaboration facilities. The interaction between the users and the portal is bidirectional, which means that on one hand, the users receive content from the portal in a direct manner, through facilities such as subscription to the latest materials published and on the other hand, they can also publish new content, they can share information with the other members of the community or they can generate alerts related to a certain type of information.

“SIVECO delivers complete portal solutions, having included integrated mechanisms of interaction and for an easy access to information. We hold an extensive expertise in identifying and developing collaborative tools and facilities that add value to the content available within the portals. The solutions we’ve been offering are solid not only from the technical perspective, allowing the integration and sharing of a large and varied volume of content, but also from the perspective of a sustainable development of the virtual communities that use them.” has declared Mihăiţă Ionel, Director of Customized Application Development Department within SIVECO Romania.

The most complex portal developed by SIVECO Romania specialists is the one created following the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, with the purpose of introducing IT into the Romanian educational system – http://portal.edu.ro. The portal main objective was to create the most important information source, available online, able to provide relevant, correct and real-time information regarding the educational system in Romania.

Among the portals developed by SIVECO Romania there are those for the training and professional counseling of various target groups (teaching staff, small entrepreneurs, socially disadvantaged groups etc), aiming to provide training services, oriented towards developing the competences needed in today society, the process of entrepreneurial education or workforce reconversion. Out of the portals developed at international level, it should be mentioned the portal for introducing IT into the national education in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the portals developed within the European framework research programs (FP6 and FP7) that aim at transforming the EU into the most dynamic and competitive knowledge based economy.

“For the institutions aiming to implement a certain type of portal, the team of specialists from SIVECO Romania provides a complete portal platform, based on 3 layers architecture, which functions on multiple types of platforms and databases. This platform can be integrated with an extended series of applications, is compatible with the most important browsers and web standards and can be customized according to the specific needs of each organization.”, says Mihăiţă Ionel.