Over 1500 pupils participated in the .campion 2010 contest | SIVECO Romania

Over 1500 pupils participated in the .campion 2010 contest

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The competition supported by SIVECO Romania trains future specialists in the IT industry.

Bucharest, 5th of May 2010 - The 7th edition of this year's .campion competition has attracted over 1,500 pupils passionate about informatics, out of which 12 have been designated as winners.

The competition consisted of 11 rounds where the training stages have alternated with online competitions. Following the results obtained, the .campion 2010 finalists were nominated; they met recently in Bran for the last round of the competition, held during 29th of April - 1st of May.

The contest .campion is organized and supported by SIVECO Center for Excellence in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports and represents a performance IT training program, supported by prestigious teachers throughout the country, as well as students, former winners of national and international Informatics Olympics. The competition was launched and coordinated by Emanuela Cerchez and Marinel Şerban, teachers at the Informatics High School "Grigore Moisil" from Iasi.

"The dedication of these youngsters, the perseverance and seriousness they proved, along these 6 months of intensive preparation are noteworthy. We have been impressed of their excellent education and we are convinced they will bring in Romania new awards in international competitions they will attend this year. We should mention that 17 of the .campion finalists are part of the national informatics lot of Romania, a lot from which, following the selection tie-breaks that will follow, will be selected the pupils to represent our country in the International Informatics Olympics, also at the Balkan Olympiad on Informatics and in the Central Europe Informatics Olympics", said Emanuela Cerchez, coordinator of the .campion competition.

The great prize .campion 2010 was awarded to the pupil Vlad Alexandru Gavrila from Bucharest, who has obtained a perfect score within the final round (300 points out of 300) and over 2,000 points during the unfolding of the training program .campion 2010.

The winners of First prize were:
• Mihai Gheorghe, Bucharest (lower group)
• Budău Adrian, Bacău (middle group)
• Cosmin Tutunaru, Mehedinţi (higher group).

The Second prize went to the pupils:
• Radu Voroneanu, Prahova, (lower group)
• Andrei Purice, Prahova (middle group).

In the higher group have obtained the second prize, for equal score, the pupils:
• Alexandru Cazacu, Dolj
• Andrei Antonescu, Bucharest
• Cătălin Florian Perticaş, Cluj.

On the third position came the following:
• Liana Ţucăr, Iaşi (lower group)
• Şerban Andrei Stan, Bucharest (middle group)
• Andrei Mişarcă, Braşov (higher group).

"These pupils passionate about informatics, already winners of prestigious national and international competitions, will become top specialists of the IT industry. I congratulate all participants for their determination to become champions and for the work they have undertaken to get here. We are proud that we have the opportunity to support this elite competition where the stakes are raised higher every year", said Radu Jugureanu, Director of the AeL Educational Content department within SIVECO Romania.

About .campion
The contest .campion aims at bringing together these youngsters who, through their innovative ideas creativelly contribute to the development of the software market. The pupils enlist voluntarly in this program, being encouraged to develop their algorithmical thinking, programming skills and the competitive spirit.

The training rounds alternate with the competition rounds and took place online on the website http://campion.edu.ro.