Over 70% of production companies count on specialized IT support | SIVECO Romania

Over 70% of production companies count on specialized IT support

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lowering costs and production efficiency are the main reasons why companies need IT solutions.

Bucharest, 24 November 2009 - A study by SIVECO Romania among 330 companies countrywide, working in the production sector, shows they seek solutions for reducing costs and count on the benefits of implementing IT solutions.

The most important criteria considered for the purchase of specialized IT solutions is that this could be customized to meet the relevant requirements as the company, criteria that becomes more important than price.

Most companies are interested in accessing structural funds and want to know more information about this.

Productive companies - whether they are companies with order based production, firms with continuous production or manufacturing of small series - consider that cost control instruments of the manufacturing process are absolutely necessary, especially as the crisis raises the need for savings and increasing efficiency of spending.

"The Production Management component, which is part of the integrated package SIVECO Applications in 2011, allows the development of a detailed planning of production (equipment, human resources) in accordance to the planned purchase of materials, to obtain the final products on the requested time. Advantages are significant: cost reduction, performance monitoring, control of production processes, increased information security," said Cristina Chirvasie, Manufacturing Solution Sales Manager at SIVECO Romania.