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PALETTE community is growing!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The European project PALETTEV2 proposes an online environment wish services helping the elderly to remain active in society, especially through working measures

SIVECO Romania participates in the European research project PALETTEV2, which aims at improving the quality of life for the population aged 55 to 70, by developing an environment of participative activities and of an ITC platform dedicated to the elderly.

PALETTE is an online community platform easy to use which makes the necessary links between people in the same area, who are enjoying the same things. The platform helps them to find activities, course, services and people to their liking.

The system searches for similar profiles, but also activities and services related to the user’s interest and launches customized notification. For instance, persons looking for volunteers or professionals can find or receive information on experienced seniors, who are willing to offer their skills and expertise. Also, a person requesting help in gardening can receive advice from horticulture engineers. Thus, the users of PALETTEV2 system can join a group of senior citizens who are planning a day out in a particular city, following a system notification.

The PALETTE platform is accessible to all those who are about to retire or to those who have already done it recently, helping them in identifying new interesting activities. Even with minimal computer knowledge, PALETTE is easy to use, as it has been built exactly based on the information and suggestions coming from senior citizens. 

Those interested to test the platform, having their residence in Bucharest or in the localities close to Bucharest, may register in the PALETTE community, by sending an email with their contact details to;;

The project will be implemented by partners with complementary expertise from five countries: Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Poland.

Two Romanian organizations are involved in the project: SIVECO Romania, the only large size company in this consortium and Bucharest University.


More information on the project can be found here, and you can share it with all those interested!