Participation of SIVECO Romania at the third National Conference for Classical Thermo-Mechanical and Nuclear Equipment and Urban Energetic | SIVECO Romania

Participation of SIVECO Romania at the third National Conference for Classical Thermo-Mechanical and Nuclear Equipment and Urban Energetic

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Bucharest, 6th of July, 2004 - The Association for energetic services in Romania (ASER) together with the Classical Thermo-mechanical and nuclear equipment department in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Politehnica University of Bucharest, organized the third National Conference for Classical Thermo-Mechanical and Nuclear Equipment and Urban Energetic.

At this annual event there were presented the last news regarding the modern technologies for manufacturing, distribution and use of the thermic energy and also the management of urban heating services and investment plans. Representatives of Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Administration and Internal Affaires, Ministry of the Public Finances, of the regulating authorities (ANRSC, ANRE, ARCE, ANRGN, ISCIR) and of the non-governmental organizations, employers and private companies debated the most efficient solutions for managing the technological news having in prospect the future integration of Romania in the European Union.

SIVECO Romania is perceived as a leading company among the suppliers of information solutions customized for the requirements of the clients in the energetic field. The projects implemented for TERMOELECTRICA companies like SE Braila, SE Borzesti, SE Paroseni, ELCEN Mures Iernut, ELCEN Constanta, CET Iasi, CET Brasov, CET Bacau, Termoficare 2000 Pitesti, TERMOCALOR Timisoara, SE Deva Mintia, ENET Focsani, TERMOELECTRICA Bucuresti si ELECTROCENTRALE Bucuresti represent real success stories.

"It is well-known that SIVECO team doesn't consider a project as being closed until it is completely operational; the availability of the team is maximal, thus the customer will know the work methods and will get the results he wishes not-depending on the suppliers's team", - this is how Mr. Sorin Dimofte, implementation manager at SIVECO Romania explains this success.

A good example is SC Termoficare 2000 Pitesti where SIVECO Applications provides a complete, coherent and powerful support for the subsidiary's management, based on data, accessed just in real time and just at the needed time.

Mr. Ion Fota, financial manager of SC Termoficare 2000 Piteşti said: "An extraordinary advantage for the management is that, having access to the entire database, it can control the activities of its subordinators, without any difficulty, at any moment. In this way we save lot of time and the information is correctly transmitted without any distortions".

For SIVECO Romania, the implementation at SC Termoficare 2000 Piteşti was a pilot project which further allowed the cooperation with other subsidiaries of Termoelectrica. During the implementation at different subsidiaries of Termoelectrica, depending on the specific of each subsidiary, SIVECO Romania's specialists found specific solutions for applications mapping; thus situations which were not stipulated in the initial requirements could be solved.

Thus a list of parametrized prices was created (each product/service having several prices/tariffs depending on certain parameters - contract type, consumption type). Further, by referring the parametrized list of prices in the contract follow-up application, for each contract it was created the possibility to issue invoices, proposing by default the price depending on the contract type. Also, there were created a procedure for closing the current month for all the work orders in progress and a notification procedure when one attempt to release a corrective job if a current job exists already in that month. Also, per the customer request, it was created a procedure for changing the status of the purchase request when an input occurs related to that purchase request.

Measurable advantages of using the information solution SIVECO Applications

The implementation of SIVECO Applications solution brings up certain benefits to the customers in the energetic field; this is proved by significant examples and figures which provides a good view on the business growth at SC Termoficare 2000 Piteşti.

The benefits of the information system for the financial-accounting activity were:

  • the reduction with 20-25% of the operations done manually for the accounting statements and document issue
  • in this way, the productivity of the administrative works increases with 20-25%. We can calculate that, keeping the same number of employees, the growth of the work productivity is equivalent with 100 mil. ROL/year.

By using the inventory, procurement and equipment maintenance management applications, the following benefits are provided:

  • reduction with about 20% of the repair cost for current and capital maintenance, as a result of a proper planning and of the preventive maintenance performed according to the schedules and data established by the system;
  • better organization of the maintenance and repair activities by defining the specific activities and the resource requirements for each of them;
  • reduction with more than 10% of the outfits blocking time, by establishing the resource requirements and in-time procurement (using the data provided by the system);
  • reduction with 50% of the supra-normative inventory, with slow movement or without movement through a modern procurement (using the quantities and terms provided by the system);
  • reduction of the activities for recording documents and data regarding the inventory, raw materials and spares with about 30%.

By using the payroll application, the following benefits can be obtained:

  • reduction with 30% of the administrative activities for recording and keeping the employees data;
  • reduction of the work needed for salaries computation at more than 65%, taking into account also the salary specific particularities of the work;
  • complete elimination of the payroll computing errors.